Icelandic Sheepskin in Natural White

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  • 100% Genuine Icelandic sheepskin
  • Luxuriously soft texture
  • Icelandic sheep is composed of two types of hair: guard hairs and undercoat hairs
  • Top coat is long and full while the undercoat is short and soft giving it an amazing and sensational texture
  • Hair length measures 4-6 inches (10-15 cm)
  • Dramatic focal feature draped over a chair, across the bed or on the floor.
  • Durable Leather underside
  • This is a natural product, each pelt is unique - colors can vary slightly
  • Brand: Bowron
  • Imported


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The Icelandic Sheepskin in Natural White is a perfect accessory for anyone's home. Genuine Icelandic sheepskin is luscious and soft to the touch. The top coat is long and full with a soft undercoat for an unbeatable texture and a dimensional feel that will always keep you warm. This piece can add a splash of glamour when draped over a chair or couch for a fashionable accent to your home. A durable leather underside can even be used as a rug in your bedroom or hallway. Each pelt is unique and colors may vary for a truly individual accent piece.

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