Soft Leather Sole Women's Sheepskin Madison Slippers

Shoe Size: Women's 7
EU €76.82
Overall rating
23 Reviews
My daughter usually 8 - 8.5 shoe, so, for Christmas, I ordered an 8 for her and an 9 for myself (I wear a 9 - 9.5 shoe) . She felt her 8 was too small for her, so gave her my 9s. Of course that leaves me with 8s. I am waiting to see if the sheepskin packs down on the 9's, so we can trade back. I have my fingers crossed, because squeezing into her 8's will probably be uncomfortable for me. I love the look and feel of the sheepskin, so hope it will work out. A little more advice on the website about sizing, paking down, stretching, etc would be helpful.




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