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I ordered a baby sheepskin for our daughters baby who is due in April. Both of our children grew up with a 'lambie' to lay on. It was the best thing ever. when we visited friends and the kids got tired we just lay them down on their sheepskin and they went right to sleep. No matter where we traveled if we had their lambies they always had a good night sleep. When our daughter found out she was pregnant one of the first things she asked was would we buy her baby a sheepskin! I have purchased several over the years for friends babies and Sheepskin Town is great to work with. The sheepskin is of the highest quality and they ship quickly!
Really quick shipping and really good quality product
Exactly what we were looking for as a gift for friends. Shipped quickly, arrived quickly (even in the midst of the pandemic. The perfect gift for a newborn.
Brought 2, One was for the Baby, CharleeII the other was for the leather seat in my car. We will both enjoy the comfort of sheepskin for years to come. Thanks for the good service. Regards, CharleeI
Hello there, just wanted you to know I have received the lambskin rug that I ordered for our baby girl. It is even more beautiful than can imagine and so very soft. Thank you for your great price and great customer service, have a great holiday season and I will be telling others of your superior products.

Sincerely yours, Janine
I have an eight pelt sheepskin pad for my bed and I sleep like a baby.
My Daughter likes it,my new grandchild will love it.Makes her grandfather happy.My daughter is happy, I'm happy.
Bought this to add comfort to a chair. Beautifully soft and comfortable to the touch. Very nice product. Fast service. Thanks very much
Just received this product. Oh, so very, very nice. I'm sending it to my stepdaughter for our first granddaughter's baby shower. Won't be used for a few months - but she's going to love it. It's a beautiful, soft lambskin. Speedy Delivery. Thank you!. The only negative comment is that the care instructions on the back of the skin was very difficult to remove.
I am the proud mother of 9 children and many of them had sheepskins. The one we just got is for my 1 1/2 year old granddaughter, so we begin with a new generation. :)

I haven't actually opened it yet because it is for Christmas, but it looks great and the service and delivery from this company was awesome!!!! Thank you so much for giving us a reliable place to buy these again!!!!
Sent the last order to my granddaughter who loves the feel of the rug, in fact she lays down on it and buries her face in the rug. She totally loves the softness. Never any complaints about the service and delivery and price.
Have always had good service in all the times I have ordered rugs from them. Mahalo.
Excellent service and product. Baby and mom both love this sheepskin.
Purchased for a newborn who willbe here in February. Perfect product. Excellent service. Really loved the shipping route.
Ordered this for my newborn grandsn who loves his sheepskin! He sleeps more soundly and snuggles into it just like his mother did with hers when she was a baby. Great price and product!
Over-all happy with my purchase. It arrived quickly in a plastic protective case. It's beautiful, my only concern is on the underside, the hide has an area that has been scraped very thin at some point in the process, and I fear it may tear at some point (I intend to reinforce it, but have to figure out the proper way to do this). I am considering purchasing another. I use this hide for my 3lb chihuahua who is extremely sensitive to everything temperature. She loves it and I would love one of my own.
I've given a Short wool Baby Sheepskin to a number of
friends' babies as a gift to celebrate their arrival.
Their parents have told me that the babies love the softness
and comfort. After a few years, it can be put in a carseat
with a couple of simple adjustments. Since its machine
washable, this isn't out of the realm of possibility.
Sheepskintown has made ordering and tracking very simple.
Its a great gift idea!!
I bought this for my son and have used it almost every day since he was born. He's now
2-months old and loves to hang out on the sheepskin. I take it to baby and mommy yoga class, to friends houses (pretty much anywhere i go in the car) so he has a clean,comfortable space to hang out and learn about the world. Several friends have asked where I bout it and I direct them to sheepskin town.com
Beautiful product at a really good price
This is the second sheepskin that I've purchased from sheepskintown.com. It arrived within days, well packaged in a protective breathable zippered case. The underside of this hide was flawless. I am very happy with my purchase over all. Until you've had one against your skin you won't know what you're missing (very therapeutic)
I bought this few weeks ago for my husband and he never leaved of every nignt..This soft sheepskin was help so much !because of backache problems and bone pain

Thanks for the excellent service.
This baby sheepskin was purchased for my mother. She has been in the hospital for 1.5 year. It was suggested that a sheepskin would make her more comfortable. It is true. This product is of excellent quality and so soft.
Great product - incredibly fast shipping. Thanks!
Purchased sheepskin for my grandaughter for Christmas. Fast delivery and clean, soft product. Will order again.
Thank you
This is the second time I have bought the shorter lambskins from sheeptown. I raise Yorkshire Terrier puppies and they are very tiny and vulnerable when they are first born, usually only 2-4 ounces at birth. The sheepskins are perfect for keeping them warm and very gentle on their skin. This time, I bought the cleaner for them. As the pups get older mama is not as vigorous about cleaning up after them and inevitably the skins must be cleaned. That's why I bought 2 more, so I had one to use while cleaning the other. My husband was quite impressed by the skins and wants me to order a sheepskin and make a seat cover for his Harley.
I think my new great-grand baby is going to be very cozy in her new space. Baby sheepskin is beautiful.




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