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Just received this product. Oh, so very, very nice. I'm sending it to my stepdaughter for our first granddaughter's baby shower. Won't be used for a few months - but she's going to love it. It's a beautiful, soft lambskin. Speedy Delivery. Thank you!. The only negative comment is that the care instructions on the back of the skin was very difficult to remove.
Shipping so fast. I gave this as a gift - it is a beautiful, very soft product. Baby loves it and mom and dad love it.
My son is now 10 and I use his baby sheep skin as a rug. I wash it in sheep was every few months and it looks like new. I give these to all my friends who have babies. It is better than any blanket and completely washable.
Order arrived quickly and my 3 year old grandson squealed with delight when he saw it. He immediately stripped naked and rolled on it for 20 minutes. He is supposed to be taking it to nursery school for a more comfy nap time. Anything that can help him sleep is PRICELESS. We may have to order another one for home!
My son just had twin boys. He had used the lambskin when he was a baby. It was by far his favorite thing. In fact he still has a little part of it. He was thrilled when I got one for the babies. I know that I'll have to get another one. I'm sure that they won't share it!
Love these Sheepies- My daughter, who's 29 and now getting married, received her first 'sheepie' when she was only 4 weeks old. She fell immediately in love with it...and is currently on #4 sheepie as she's worn each one out lovingly. Hers went with her everywhere - bed, play, nursery school, senior trip to Disney, college, vacations, cruises, and even her honeymoon! Needless to say 'sheepie' has become my traditional gift for all my friends and family members when they're expecting babies. And I must say every one that I have given is loved by both mother and child. They really know how to comfort and make a baby/child happy. And sleep through the night. They're easy to wash and dry...as long as you can get it away from its owner for a tad. Thank you for continuing to provide such good quality so that our tradition can continue. Your site, speed of delivery, and packaging have all been wonderful. Thanks again!
I purchased this item because all 5 of my children slept on them as babies and toddlers. I wanted my first grandchild to have that comfort also. This product is beautiful. I would definitely recommend this website to order items like this. I would purchase this item again.
This was a gift for a client's little girl. It was easy to order online and your sheepskin is USA made which was important to me. Shipped promptly and is packaged nicely.
Beautiful sheepskin! Very soft. Shipping was really quick, right to my door!
Didn't open it, since it was a gift. Looked good, though, and service was excellent and prompt.
we love it
I bought a baby sheepskin for a dear young friend's baby and she reports he's sleeping more and better on his own with it.
Easy to navigate website and VERY fast shipping. My kids grew up sleeping on a 'sheepie" and they were wonderful...always good sleepers and I think every baby should have a sheepie so this is my favorite baby gift for good friends having babies. The only thing that surprised me was that the sheepskins arrived unwrapped with no instructions for care and cleaning but the quality ,price and speed of shipping were amazing...I had them in only a few days. Thank you!
I can't believe how fast we got our sheepskin....it was so nice to get it so quickly for our baby girl. The product is lovely....a nice colour and great quality. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Love it! My cats have had their own sheepies since they were a few weeks old. These sheepskins comfort them in the car, at the vets, and every day as they snuggle and sleep on them. Sheepskins are durable,washable,durable, versatile and long-lasting. One of my guys is going through his second round of chemotherapy for lymphoma; his sheepie is his constant,comforting companion during chemotherapy and the long car rides. The newly ordered sheepskin will be a gift for one of his oncology techs who is expecting her first baby.
Love love love this item. We have hardwood floors so I put it down as a cover for our play gym and it just perfectly suits/pads the space. Our friends use it for the same thing and I just bought one for another friend in LA for her baby shower. It's a wonderful product - so super soft and comfy!
The product was shipped rapidly and was in tip top shape.
Cannot be more satisfied.
Amazing product, every child born should have one...they love to lie on it till they are older...We buy one for every newborn in the family. 5 for sure...




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