Medical Sheepskin Pad - Grade A

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This is the fourth sheepskin I have purchased for my wife. She is a bed bound T-4 para so needs this to prevent bedsores. Of the four different ones I have purchased,this one is by far the best. What a great product!!
I am very happy with the product and the price. The delivery was prompt which was important since it is a Christmas gift.
Having just lost a substantial amount of weight, I found that my legs and hips were always sore from my firm mattress. I could not get a full night sleep due to tossing and turning from the pain. When I received my sheepskin, I had instant relief. Having used it now for a couple of weeks, it was truly one of the best investments I made as I don't have those pressure points anymore.
Bought this for my father who is 81, andconfined to a wheelchair, and is immobile. Love it, he was able to sleep well, and turn over in his bed with a little assistance.
It was suggested by footcare specialist to relieve discomfort in calves and feet. Up to now I have had to massage both the lower legs and feet in the mornings.I have the sheepskin covering the lower part of the bed so it supports from the knees down to the feet. Now I no longer need to massage and would recommend it to others. Extremely satisfied with product and service.
Perfect for my dad who is a diabetic and in a nursing home. The sheepskin is beyond soft. Received it the next day even though there was a big snow storm. Fantastic...thank you
Very impressed with product. Works well with my dad who is a diabetic. Less pain and aches. Comfortable.
Impressed with the quick delivery. Bought one from a different supplier before. I liked this one better because it was larger and cost less. Love the medical sheepskin quality. Bought it for my mother-in-law who has Parkinson's and had hip fractures some years ago. We put it under her sheet on her bed and she loves it. She is sleeping much better and says it is very comfortable.
My husband has to sleep upright and by placing the sheepskin against the supporting pillows and on the mattress, he does not slip down during the night. Sheared pile cushions his bottom and thighs from the mattress cover quilted pattern. Delivery tracking get me informed.
Very pleased with product and the prompt service. Using to ease pressure on back and it works great.
This skin is thick and plush. It is more than enough to cover my wheelchair seat and back; but, my grandchildren like it even more to lounge upon. I purchased it to get away from the terrible heat buildup from sitting in a black, plastic seat all day. It works beautifully. Ordering was easy and I received the sheepskin promptly. The box was beat up, but the product was undamaged. Couldn't have been easier. Great product.
Product was everything it claimed to be. Works in chair or bed to help alleviate pain/pressure from patient's frail frame....she has no body fat and needs the cushioning. I would recommend to others for relief. Prompt delivery. Thanks!
Product was everything it claimed to be. I bought two in the last 3 months one for my mom's chair and the first for her bed to help alleviate pain/pressure for her frail frame as she has no body fat and needs the cushioning. I would recommend to others for relief. Prompt delivery. Thanks!
I purchased the sheepskin for my elderly mother-in-law after she had knee surgery. She is quite thin and needed something to cushion her in bed. The sheepskin is perfect. It exceeded our expectations and my mother-in-law loves it. I highly recommend it. It does a much better job than any other kind of cushioning. Ordering was easy and delivery was very prompt. Simply just an excellent product.
I both this to make a cloth around my body because I'm always cold at the back.when I seen this amazing sheepskin I don t wanted to coat this in doing a cloth it is too nice woo Now I use for the bed I can look at this and admire the nice sheepskin untill I get a mattress for the bed it is really comfortable and keep worm. Very fast and understand company Thanks
The sheepskin is beautiful and your speedy delivery was great.
I use it on my chair and bed, as it really helps with my back and neck injuries I have from being a United States Army Paratrooper for 30 years with 3 mayor accidents, moreover it was easy to order on line. It was a bit more then I wanted to spent, but well worth it.
The nicest sheepskin I have ever found, I have just bought 2 more for gifts. Absolutely love them, and sheepskin Town is great to deal with.
I did a significant amount of research on the best product to help with my Fathers bedsore; real sheepskin was the answer. I purchased this product (2 day shipping), the sheepskin arrived just as ordered. My Father takes his sheepkin from room to chair to bed and I am happy to say we have almost licked the bedsore. This product has worked better than the specialty air pads that are much more expensive.
I ordered this product from Sheepskin Town because my 93 year old mother has been bed ridden for 2 months and starting to get bed sores. She says that it is very comfortable to lay on and helps her rest a little better. I was impressed with how soft the wool was. I have seen others that felt hard and itchy. It was a very reasonable price for the quality.
Excellent service and delivered fast. Bought for my dad who is in hospital with cancer, makes bed more comfortable for him and helps with keeping him warm. Will be ordering one fir myself to deal with back pain.
Borrowed a sheepskin from a friend after a hip operation. Loved it so much that I decided to order one. Excellent service. Will recommend your company to others.
Quality product. Fast service. Thank you for top quality customer service!
Lovely and soft - it is helping to relieve my hip pain. Appreciate the prompt service.




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