Medical Sheepskin Pad - Grade A

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Very good quality skin. Plush. Using to pad wheelchair for my husband ,when we have to use the wheelchair. Very easy to use website. Would recommend this company.
Ordered this product to help my 98 year old mother who recently had a leg amputation with score on foot. The medical sheepskin is very good quality. the Large size is perfect for her bed, and covers both her hips and leg/foot. With only a few days of use, it seems to be helping her foot discomfort. The order service was easy and shipping very fast. Only confusion was the currency (Cdn or US).
I have a child with cerebral palsy. To make sure she is comfortable and avoid sore i always buy her your sheep skin. When it is getting old and shabby i use it for my dog and cat. They love to sleep on it!
The medical sheepskin, is very good quality. The order service was easy and excellent and the shipping was very timely.
Makes sitting comfortable
Bought this for my father who is in constant pain. It has really helped the quality of his life and can now sit without too much pain
I ordered the product while recovering from an injury, and it's really made prolonged periods of sitting more comfortable. My sheepskin is very plush and I'm very happy with my purchase, as well as the company's customer service.
Comfortable, cushioned support for couch potatoes, especially helpful where the two seat cushions meet. It eliminates the gap in-between. Buy the eucalan wash product at the same time and qualify for free shipping. I hand-washed our first sheepskin pad and then machine-spun it. Hung it over a drying rack and it was good as new. This second pad is for my mother-in-law.
the experience was fantastic the sheepskin is also fantastic can I just ask that you send me the washing instructions for it and also an order form for the small sheepskin which I believe was $79.95 thanks Frank
excellent service and item.
very soft and comfy very good size
mom loves it she is confined to bed rest
alleviates bed pain spots.
very happy with purchase.
I sent this to a dear friend in Oregon. He is very ill and recently requires a wheelchair to get around. He said he had gotten bedsores from the wheelchair , and having to sit in it. I was so happy to see your product was washable, so I hope it gives him the comfort in chair and also in bed. Thank You!
quality, durable sheepskin, excellent for in a recliner, or use on a bed. Shipping was fast, we are very happy with your product and your service, Thankyou
We were wonderfully surprised at the depth of the sheepskin. We use it on the lift chair,and it covers it ever so nicely. It is warm and durable,and is taking pressure off the shoulders and derrière area. It arrived so quickly, and am so pleased with customer service,with all the questions I had asked. Nice that they do a follow up too.. Best purchase we've made !
It's fantastic - better than i expected-Tnakyou
This sheepskin is used in my wife wheelchair . Excellent product ,fits perfectly .
ordering experience wonderful, and helpful.
Shipping via UPS ,2 days and delivered on time.
Thanks for a great product ,great service and a great price.
Purchased for my 94 year old father's birthday, I was extremely impressed by the quality of this sheepskin. Even with the free shipping option, the package arrived in just a few days. I would definitely recommend Sheepskin Town!!
We have only had the product for a few days but at this point are VERY pleased with it. My husband has had a sore on his heel that would not heal since April of last year. We feel this sheepskin will help prevent a sore on the other foot and encourage healing on the infected foot.
Great product. My husband is in dialysis for 4 hours 3 times a week and has used used it each time. It has relieved some of the discomfort of sitting for that length of time. He also uses it on his recliner and it seems to have relieved some of the pain in his back and tailbone.
I bought the chair pad but use it in bed instead. It is under my feet and the pain is gone. It eases the pain of neuropathy very well. Thanks for a great product.
The sheepskin arrived quickly. The web sight is great. The product is excellent. Unfortunately the color on the medical sheepskin is too bright, too orange. I was hoping it was a softer shade or even more cream color.
My daughter bought this for me.
I am 88 and my recliner, although brand new, the fabric is rough on my aging skin.
This blanket is almost perfect.
So comfortable and goes from my kneck to back of my knees.
The only thing that could make it better is if it was longer, going the full length of my recliner and if it was the width of my recliner so my arms could rest on it.
Bought this for my Mom as she was having discomfort lying on her side in bed.
She loves it. Great value.
I was very surprised how quickly it arrived at her place. Great service
Wife was bed bound after leg amputations, Sheepskin beneath her has helped her wounds heal. Also using the skin in the transfer sling to finally get her accustomed to being in a wheel chair. Awesome product.
Purchased this for my 93old mom in addition to a larger one for her bed. I hope this will help her be more comfortable in her chair. Very pleased with both purchases and service. This product washes and dries nicely and is very soft.




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