Medical Sheepskin Pad - Grade A

Pad Size: L
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The sheepskin arrived quickly. The web sight is great. The product is excellent. Unfortunately the color on the medical sheepskin is too bright, too orange. I was hoping it was a softer shade or even more cream color.
My daughter bought this for me.
I am 88 and my recliner, although brand new, the fabric is rough on my aging skin.
This blanket is almost perfect.
So comfortable and goes from my kneck to back of my knees.
The only thing that could make it better is if it was longer, going the full length of my recliner and if it was the width of my recliner so my arms could rest on it.
My husband was struck by a hit and run driver and suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries and was bed ridden for about 4 full weeks. He started to get a bed sore so someone told me about using a sheep skin. I didn't have the time to be able to go and shop around locally so I went online and ordered from order arrived about a day later which was fantastic. I had also ordered the brush and shampoo...the reason I gave it a 4 star rating is that after I washed it following the instructions on the bottle...the sheep skin was not as soft as it had been previously. It did help with my husband and prevented more bed sores so I would recommend it for that reason. I am going to be giving it to a friend of mine who has a disabled child.
Beautiful piece of work .Sitting down becomes a :"comfy " experience well worth the cost .
I was disappointed there were no laundering instructions with it anywhere! How is it suposed to be cleaned? Otherwise very satisfied. My quad brother is using it to avoid pressure wounds in bed.
Purchased for my elderly father-in-law's birthday.
Very pleased with the quality and softness and
the delivery was so fast. Ordered late Tues.
evening and received it Friday! Can't wait to give
him his gift.
The sheepskin pad is used for sitting in a chair for extended periods. We have tried a variety of commercial seating pads, all of which were good for a couple of days before becoming unbearable. We ordered this sheepskin pad based on the large number of good reviews after a couple of general recommendations to use a sheepskin. After a couple of days of use there was little to notice in the way of discomfort. It wasn't "joyful", but it wasn't uncomfortable. Actually it wasn't really noticeable. After a week of steady use, there is still nothing really to notice, except that sitting never becomes uncomfortable. Although we're reserving the 5th star for a longer review period, this has been an excellent choice. Shipping was as advertised, great job, thank you.
The service was great! The order for a medical sheepskin arrived in 5 days, and so far is a great help to a family member who is fighting cancer and was getting bed sores from having to lay on his back all the time.
I will happily recommend this site to others.
The sheepskin pad I recently purchased for my wife who is a double leg amputee is excellent. Delivery was prompt. she is very happy with so far
Our shopping experience was good and the sheepskin was better than I expected and so comforting for my father who is under hospice care and in extreme pain. The only problem was we were fortunate the package didn't entirely open in the delivery route due to a tear,crushing on one side, and the packing tape was coming off on the sides. My sense is the box was not sturdy enough to make here to Arizona from Canada, or it's a statisical fluke in quality control. I did receive it from the UPS driver personally, too. Other than the delivery box, we certainly would recommend your service again and hope you will work on the packing "near miss" we had to reduce the probability it could be worse for another customer.
Found your site on the net, so decided to try your pad, for my husband. He has so much pain in his hip bones, that he sleeps in short spurts. He found some relief, the very first nights, that he used it.
Thanks so much for your prompt service, and we are very pleased with your product.
Bought as a birthday gift for Mom-in-law who is temporarily in a nursing home. She loved it and wanted to make sure it did not get sent home with some of the other gifts. I love that it is washable, but had to visit another website for the washing instructions. A bit pricey for the size, but now my husband wants one too.
I am very happy with the product and the price. The delivery was prompt which was important since it is a Christmas gift.
This is the fourth sheepskin I have purchased for my wife. She is a bed bound T-4 para so needs this to prevent bedsores. Of the four different ones I have purchased,this one is by far the best. What a great product!!
I want to thank Sheepskin Town for the great service. Received my sheepskin faster than I expected. I purchased this to see if it might help to relieve some of the pain I have while trying to sleep at night. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have tried nearly everything to relieve the pressure on my joints. The sheepskin is working better than anything I have used in the past. While I am not completely painfree, I am sleeping much better. I will be looking at more of your sheepskin products and will certainly reccommend your products to family and friends.
Bought this for my Mom for Christmas. She will absolutely love the cuddly feel and comfort it brings.
This is a wonderful product! I tucked it under my bed sheet, and have had great relief from the "numb spots" in my sacral area. I will certainly be buying again from Sheepskin Town. Thank you!
I ordered a small sheepskin for my sister, who is 90 yrs, and wheelchair bound, also sleeps in a recliner. The sheepsking got here in good time, 5 days transit. I was able to keep track, since it came by UPS. I was pleased with the handling of the order.
I want to thank you so very much for whatever hoops you had to jump through to get the sheepskins delivered for me. They arrived, are beautiful and we really appreciate the effort. We'll be certain to mention your outstanding products and service to friends and family. Thank you again,

Chris B
These are large beautiful skins! My son is bedbound and I use sheepskin to prevent bedsores. I ordered from another company before (Lawson's, BEWARE!), and these skins are far superior for a lower price. Shipping was quick.
I was really excited that I got my order the next day, delivery was fast. Quality is excellent, size is good. If I need to purchase another of your pieces I will select your company, my mother very happy with it.
using for my Mom who is in wheelchair. Her mobility is very little and she spents many hours in her chair or in bed. Hoping it will help prevent bed sores and other pains but have only purchased and have had very little time to see how it will work. This website is very good and easy to maneuver. Delivery was very quick. Only negative they didn't have the XL in stock so settled for L.
A wonderful product.On my recliner its almost like sleeping on a cloud.
I have purchased a large medical sheep skin for my brother who is suffering from cancer and is bedridden in the hospital. The staff was impressed with the superior quality of this blanket when they placed it on my brother's bed. He seemed so comfortable laying on this blanket. I would recommend the purchase of this product to everyone.




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