Extra Comfy Soft Sole Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers

Shoe Size: Men's 12
$79.97 $89.97 - $10.00
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I ordered these slippers because my feet are always cold and my wife complains that I make too much noise at night in my hard soled slippers.
These are so warm and comfortable.
They are also SILENT when walking on hard floors like the kitchen.
I also ordered a pair for my son for Christmas and he will love them too!

I have many furs from SheepskinTown and these just add to my appreciation of this fine company and their skilled workers.

Spokane, USA
Shoe Size - Men's 10 1 Year  ago
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I LOVE THESE SLIPPERS SO MUCH!!!! I am wearing them right now. I only take them off to sleep, shower, or leave the house. Otherwise, these babies are on my toes keeping them cozy at every moment! I've been searching for the perfect pair of sheepskin slippers for a long time to help with my painfully cold feet and am so thrilled to have finally found them. I am not exaggerating when I say that my feet have *never* been comfortable until now. My feet have always been cold, even in the dog days of summer, but now I waltz around in cozy-toed bliss. My partner loves them, too, because I'm not constantly sticking my ice toes on his legs to warm them up anymore. These slippers are warm (but never sweaty!), comfortable, soft, and cute. I LOVE SHEEPSKIN TOWN AND I LOVE THESE SLIPPERS!!! If you are considering buying yourself some good toe cozies, do yourself a favor and put these in your cart. Your toe-cicles will thank you!
I ordered these for my husband. He loves them!!
Good quality and comfortable.
Absolutely love your product!
These were well worth the wait. They are comfortable, fit well, and are incredibly cozy.
My husband loves them, as well as our dog. So 200% satisfaction!
Just received these slippers. Put them right on and they are so comfortable and warm. I knew these slippers would be big on me as they did not have my size available, but, for slipper I didn't mind the larger size. Well worth it any way!
My wife loves them. Great quality.
I bought these as a birthday gift for my husband, he LOVES them. I have hardly seen him with anything else on his feet in the last 2 months. I decided on this pair specifically because he is a notoriously cold individual who will burn you up if he's in charge of the heating, I have actually gotten extremely cold since giving these to him. He was also having a problem with his old slippers in that his heals and back were hurting from the lack of support (he works at home so slippers are his main shoe, well they are now) he doesn't suffer from foot or back pain due to the lovely fluff in these. He enjoys being able to flip up the edges around his ankles on cold snowy days. I looked at many stores in person and online and Sheepskin town has the best selection for the best prices. All around a lovely product, very pleased with my purchase!
These are so soft, warm and comfy! I put them on in the middle of a snowy day and they were wonderful! The size is accurate and that is a pleasant change! They are indoor slippers so avoid going outside in them.
My slippers arrived today! I put them on immediately and wore them all evening! For the first time in a long time my feet have been warm!!! Not sweaty....just nice and toasty. THANK YOU! I love the softness of the whole slipper...it's like walking on pillows. :) Very Happy! Size fit perfect. Fast shipping too!
I bought a bunch of pairs for various family members last year, and this year I bought two more pairs for visitors for Christmas. Everyone loves them! Can’t beat them when it is -30 celcius!!!
These are the slippers Uggs never made. I love them on cool mornings (we don’t turn on the heat in Fl, and when its 30 outside in the AM it can drop to 65 inside). I have cold feet and hands (Renaud’s syndrome?) These truly do keep my feet warm. I love that they have shoelace ties. They will stretch as you wear them, so it’s ok if they are tight to start out. I will recommend them to my relatives up north. (I wish they made these with taller cuffs that could be tied higher w multiple eyelets. If you make these, I’ll buy the first pair! They will sell!).

Re fit - I wear shoe size 11.5-12, the internet chat rep said they run true to size and I should get 12’s. He was dead-on right! My highest recommendation - readers really should buy these slippers!

Tom, retired CPA
These comfortable slippers fit exactly to size and are comfortable to wear. I would definitely buy them again, except that I'm sure they will last many years before I need another pair.
Painless ordering process (except that they do not ship to a box number) and fast delivery.
I bought 7 pairs of these, one for myself and 6 as Christmas gifts for family members. Everyone loved them. My 16 year old said that it was the best gift! They are warm but one doesn't get overheated. Feet don't feel sweaty. They are awesome. The recipients ranged from 9 - 75, both male and female. Perfect. Thanks very much!

The only negative is that kids sizes don't go as high as I expected and my 9 year old is in women's sizing (higher cost). But he loves them!
Everything was excellent and the slippers were exactly what I had hoped for. I now have warm feet. Thank you very much.
Great fit, very comfy. They were a bit snug the first day or so, but as with most leather products they have formed to my feet perfeectly and feel better every time I slip my feet into them. I suffer from CRPS-I (RSD) in my left leg/foot, so I am quite particualr about what I wear on my feet, and these sheepskin slippers are a godsend for me.
Well worth the money. Fit is precise, fiber content is ample and they are a dream to wear. I would recommend them highly.
My husband loves his cozy slippers. He is a size 11, but the first pair I ordered was too snug. We returned them and ordered a size 12. Those fit perfectly. We had searched high and low for a soft-soled sheepskin slipper, and we are pleased to have found these.
I love my slippers! So warm and very comfy!
Purchased these for my husband for Christmas and I think every day since then, he's been mentioning how much he loves his slippers. Nice to see 'Made in Canada'.
These slippers are super warm and very comfortable. I imagine they will mold to my feet even more as time goes on, as already I can feel it if I have one on the wrong foot! I was so glad to find these soft-soled sheepskin slippers, although I wish they were a little bit thicker and I'm also not sure if the bottoms will hold up as well as my last pair did. I wear slippers out pretty fast, it seems. Overall I am quite pleased with these.
Love these slippers. I use them daily. They hold up well and are the most comfortable slippers I have ever owned. The sizing is true to size. The fit begins a little snug but the slippers stretch and form to fit your foot. Highly recommend.




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