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Good quality and comfortable.
I ordered these for my husband. He loves them!!
I LOVE THESE SLIPPERS SO MUCH!!!! I am wearing them right now. I only take them off to sleep, shower, or leave the house. Otherwise, these babies are on my toes keeping them cozy at every moment! I've been searching for the perfect pair of sheepskin slippers for a long time to help with my painfully cold feet and am so thrilled to have finally found them. I am not exaggerating when I say that my feet have *never* been comfortable until now. My feet have always been cold, even in the dog days of summer, but now I waltz around in cozy-toed bliss. My partner loves them, too, because I'm not constantly sticking my ice toes on his legs to warm them up anymore. These slippers are warm (but never sweaty!), comfortable, soft, and cute. I LOVE SHEEPSKIN TOWN AND I LOVE THESE SLIPPERS!!! If you are considering buying yourself some good toe cozies, do yourself a favor and put these in your cart. Your toe-cicles will thank you!
I ordered these slippers because my feet are always cold and my wife complains that I make too much noise at night in my hard soled slippers.
These are so warm and comfortable.
They are also SILENT when walking on hard floors like the kitchen.
I also ordered a pair for my son for Christmas and he will love them too!

I have many furs from SheepskinTown and these just add to my appreciation of this fine company and their skilled workers.

Spokane, USA
Shoe Size - Men's 10 2 Years  ago
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I purchased these as a gift. My husband we delighted! He wanted a soft sole, and this appears very durable and well made. They are very good looking, adjustable, and comfortable. Thank you!
Shoe Size - Men's 9 4 Months  ago
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