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I wanted to give this five stars because it is excellent in every way Except there needs to be an item that is the length and width of a recliner.
I bought the single and that didn't work so I bought this size.
It now goes the length of the chair but when my 5'4", 130 lb 89 year old mom sits on it in the chair it is not wide enough to cover the arms of the chair. Which means her very delicate skin which so needs this product isn't resting in it.
Highly recommended us this in my big man recliner and on my bed at night to sleep on looking forward to get the the large pad when I can catch it on sale
Got this for my 95 year old dad. He loves it!!
Helps in recliner and bed.
Great product!!
I purchased this for my mother who is palliative with lung cancer and spends a great deal of time in bed. We had an immediate positive experience as it is soft, warm but does not induce sweating, stays in place and does not slide around and immediately relieved pressure on all of her pressure points. The only thing we found slightly on the negative side is that it is a little narrow when turning her over as the measurement given for sale is taken for the widest spots and of course that is not the entire piece due to the shape but, that was a matter of choice as we wanted/ordered this one and not the rectangle shaped pieces. Confident anyone purchasing this will be happy with it and the price was extremely fair! The transaction was quick and simple, courteous and friendly staffing and the shipping was quick. NO complaints.
I highly recommend this sheepskin medical pad! I wish I had gotten one sooner than I did. My daughter ordered me the sheepskin medical pad to cover my over-sized recliner chair. This chair is also my bed and it is used 24 hours of the day. My skin is very sensitive and prone to tearing and leaking. The sheepskin pad is very comfortable on my skin. The sheepskin pad lets my skin breath better than the blanket I had before and it helps keep my skin stay drier. The sheepskin pad does not shift and slid like my other pads did. I find it to be soft to the touch and the cream colour goes nicely with all decor in the house. I am very happy with the sheepskin pad and I have told my family I'd like another one so my chair/bed is never without this thick, soft pad again. I will soon have to be using a wheelchair most of the time and I plan to get a couple of sheepskin pads for the wheelchair when I get it. The online purchase was easy and I received my shipment sooner than I thought I would. I will definitely be buying another sheepskin pad.
Purchased this to help 93 old mom to prevent bed sores and be more comfortable. Very nice and extremely soft. I was able to cut a small piece to use on a shower chair. That piece washes and dries nicely. Very pleased with this purchase.
We purchased the sheep skin for my mom who is bed ridden and has bed sores. The length of the double pelt is good. It covers the full length of her twin size hospital bed, with some hanging over off the bed lengthwise. But the width of it is insufficient. When we turn her, we are constantly having to lift her up to adjust the pelt width-wise so that her arms are not off the pad. I have considered cutting off the portion that hangs off the bed and a portion of the pad that lays under her pillow then sewing it onto the side of the pelt to give her padding where it's needed. just as the two pelts were sewn in the middle by the manufacturer to make it long enough. Being a pelt, it does stay in place, is nice and soft, but just isn't wide enough
I purchased this for my sister that is terminal with Colon Cancer. She expressed how soft the sheepskin is. She is finding comfort in using this on her bed and does not wake up as sore. She was so pleased to find that it does not move around on the bed which makes it much easier for her when getting in and out of bed and turning from one side to another. We are all very pleased!!
Very soft and feels better against my skin then other pads.
seems to be working well with for relieving bedsores. Just wish it had been even longer to fit a tall person, upper shoulders to bottom of feet.
I use this preduct on my bed to prevent skin break down. It is thick and soft. The length is adequate too. Your price was reasonable, you sent the package out in a reasonable time. I was very pleased doing business with you.
My husband has been bedridden for the past 6 weeks following surgery. This sheepskin was a miracle. It helped him to rest more comfortably on the plastic hospital mattresses, kept his body temperature more even, prevented sweating, and most importantly, helped to prevent bed sores. He is now in long term rehab and he is enjoying it there as well. Thank you for a great product.
The double sheep skin saved me from having sores on my butt .Is very soft and works great. I got my sheep skin two days early. I could not have made it without it. I had celluitus and had to stay in bed. This is a great company and I did not have to pay taxes,
I ordered one of these and when it arrived I liked it so well, I
ordered another one. Good quality, just as it was described in the add. I will recommend it to others.
Lovely, eco-tanned sheepskin. Fast, economucal shipping.I would buy from Sheepskin Town again.
I use the pad to sleep on, to relieve pressure from fibromyalga. Like it very much. Also delivery was very prompt. Thanks
I purchased the double sheepskin for my Mom. I'm hoping it will minimize her pressure sores from always sitting. Very good quality.
Delivery very fast. (Have ordered stuff from within uk that has taken longer to reach me). Ordered the double medical sheepskin for my mum to help with bedsores. It runs the full length of the bed. She has told me that she has found it very comfortable. I am pleased with the product and with the service. Thank you.
It took a couple weeks to receive this pad via mail, but it was worth the wait. I use it on a geriatric chair to help prevent my wife from sliding down. I also help minimize her bed sores.
I put this double sheepskin under my bottom sheet which is a very high thread count and added the top sheet, equally a high thread count. These sheets had been too warm for me, especially with a light quilt. I awoke in a pool of sweat every morning. Adding the sheepskin has given me the first cool sleep I've had in years and I used the light quilt too. I don't even need the air conditioner on at night anymore!
seems great so far, hasn't been washed yet though, my only negative comment is that I was unable to use my American Express card for payment due to a problem with their payment system and they didn't make any effort to help except to ask me to use a different credit card
Great quality double xlarge medical sheepskin. Vey soft. Using it to cover one side of a power loveseat. Provides extra comfort and is great for someone with sensitive skin. I am ordering another one today.Very prompt delivery. Thank you.
The medical sheepskin I purchased was exactly what I expected. I purchased it for my son who has cancer and has bed sores. He is very pleased with the sheepskin. He doesn't sweet on the sheepskin and it seems to help in the healing of his sores. I just ordered another one today for him, so he could switch them out and doesn't have to be without one. I would recommend this for anyone who is confined to the bed. Thank you for the great quality of the medical sheepskin
I am very pleased with the sheepskin.it took longer than I expected to be delivered.




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