Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad

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I order this because my mom is in diabetic coma, and is wonderful because protec and keep warms.
thanks so much
Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad 8 Years  ago
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Bought this for my Mom to help heal and prevent more skin breakdown on her foot. She had discomfort at night. This had eliminated the discomfort and her foot is healing well.
Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad 8 Years  ago
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I am using the heal protector because of skin brake down on the out side of my foot. It has helped with the pain at night, I can sleep threw the night now. I love it and you can't have it back!!!!!
Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad 8 Years  ago
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I needed protection for my feet against chaffing and skin breakdown. These foot covers do the trick. I haven't used during warm weather yet, but I still think for my concerns, they're the best product so far.
Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad 7 Years  ago
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I recently received the Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad and started using it right away. I can already tell that is helping the tender areas on my foot. I also bought the Eucalan Sheepskin Wash Cleaner in order to properly maintain the heel wrap pad. The items I bought were delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you!
Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad 6 Years  ago
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Fast,easy, transaction. This boot has been such a blessing. I have tried many things to try to keep my mothers ankle from breaking down. She does have a sore now but the boot is keeping the pressure off of it allowing it to heal and she is able to sleep again. Thanks again!
Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad 5 Years  ago
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This is my 2nd purchase of the heel wrap pad. I have a bum left foot from too my surgeries. I use this at night so my right foot won't bang on the bad foot. This has been a blessing. Thank you.
Now I can sleep during the night. And I don't wake up yelping with pain. :) Looking forward to my new heel wrap.
Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad 4 Years  ago
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As a paraplegic, I have noticed a big difference in my foot over the years. Recently, I've started to develop a deep tissue injury on the side, where most of the pressure is while I'm sleeping. Hoping to heal it before it turns into an open pressure wound, I bought this bootie and cannot believe the improvement after just a few weeks! Thank you for making such a nice quality product.
Options - LEFT 3 Months  ago
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