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I am absolutely delighted with my sheepskin forearm critch covers. After being on crutches for 3 years i was beginning to develop pressure sores on my forearms and on searching the internet for a solution i saw these. I received them in NZ within a few short weeks and the sores began healing almost imediately. They not only add a touch of 'class' to my crutches but feel wonderful against my skin. I cant recommend them highly enough plus the shopping experience was fantastic.
These crutch covers are wonderful. With them, the metal no longer bites into my son's skin.

I've had several transactions with you over the years, and each has been perfect. You're a great company to deal with.
Great product, price and speed of delivery. Five stars all round.
Yet again,an excellent service on a really great product.
These are a must have for anyone who uses crutches.
I cant recomend them highly enough.
A truly excellent product. Having been on crutches for over 25years this is the first time that I have been able to buy this sort of product. In the past I have had to make my own out of synthetic lambskin. These are really great.
I love these covers. They make using my crutches alot more bearable. I do have a problem with them sliding around. I put a but of duck tap on it to hold them in place and all is well. No more bruises on my arms. Thank you.
A really excellent product. I've had to use crutches for the past 25years and this product is a godsend. It's anoying that I have had to search the internet to get them.Finally I got them from your excellent site.
Thank you very much.
Quality is great and I received them promptly.
My friend uses these on her arm crutches and adores them. These have given her like a new life.




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