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Havent needed to use the cleaner yet (thankfully) but can definitely speak to the effectiveness of the brush which is a lifesaver & miracle worker. I love sheepskins but my puppy is OBSESSED w/ them. We have many throughout the house & theyre easily her favourite place to curl up. So they dirty w/ lots of treat crumbs/debris/dog hair & quite matted. The brush gently but 100% effectively combs out all the crumbs without pulling any of the sheep hair out & fluffs it up beautifully. They look new!!
I reviewed and received great products and servicer.
ordered to keep my new throw in tip top shape. easy to use brush keeps the pile fluffy and the cleaning solution is simple to use and effective.
The brush is excellent! I have used it each week on my sheepskin rugs and bed pad. It looks like it would pull out the fibers, but it really doesn't. It catches small bits of "dirt" very well. I have not used the cleaner yet.
Fast ship and great product. Fluffy rug and happy customer.
Obsessed with this brush...works wonders on my sheepskin rugs...i literally brush them for fun now!!!????
I really thought I might have to throw out my sheep after my cats had their way with it. I went to the laundromat and machine washed it with the cleaner and then brushed it out. It came out beautifully. I am very impressed.
Does a great job revitalizing the sheep skin rugs! Great product
The wash kit is worth every penny to keep your sheep skins perfect and brushed !
This worked so well! We have a sheepskin rug that our dog loves to lay on, and it was getting a love of love and use. I had washed it before but it left it feeling rougher in texture and certainly not as soft. This little package made it SO super soft, clean and like it was new.
the products were great and with instructions on how to wash and maintain them...Shipped out quickly but Canada post is not the fastest way(who knew..lol)I would go courier next time...it is way faster..but great products and great service way to go guys
I used this product to clean a very large and dirty sheepskin that my dog uses for a bed. I was amazed at how clean it got! The only thing I wasn't expecting is that is has taken almost a week to dry because it was too large to clean and wring out in my washing machine.
The product was easy to order can arrived in just a few days.
We did not realize how dirty our sheepskin rug really was. We needed a couple of washes but now all is ok. The rug looks new again. The cleaner and brush renewed our rug. Service and delivery was prompt. Recommend this product.
Mine was a very difficult sheep skin to clean. Soot from my fireplace in my Gazebo had discoloured it. It helped a bit but soot is so hard to get rid of. The rest of the sheep skin looked great. Shopping experience was excellent and so were the instructions.
I can't believe I went so long without a brush for my sheepskin rug. The brush worked amazing at taking out the matting in the wool, dog hair and fuzz. It looks like new again and is twice the size! Shipping was very quick!
This kit was perfect for reguvinating an old, beloved skeepskin my family has had for ages. The wash was delicate, yet effective, and the brush works miracles!
Haven't used it yet but nice to have for when I need it
I gave this product 5 stars because it cleaned a very dirty sheepskin rug! I machine washed it ... so easy! The only surprise and panic was seeing pieces of fluff floating around in machine bowl! Yikes! But everything was ok! No bald skin rug!! Hung rug to dry in less than 8 hours. Brushing it out was so easy too! Expect more fluff to come off when brushing.
A great idea to show info for this kit as a companion screen to any order for a sheepskin, otherwise I would not have thought of this essential protection for my sheepskin investment (until much, much later). I am sure it will work amazingly well.
I have always used a dog brush for our artificial sheepskin and I bought this brush and wash to go with our first real sheepskin.
The brush worked amazing on the artificial sheepskins too - it made them seem more like real sheepskin.
I wish that I would have bought this brush years ago.
Product is great
Products delivered on time as promised. Used according to directions, and a very soiled sheepskin now looks beautiful again.
I bought this along with the sheepskin pad . I have not had to use it yet but it came along with the pad and that shipment came quickly and in good shape. I would recommend buying the kit which also has a brush so when the pad needs washing { it is machine washable } you will have everything and instructions together.




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