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excellent product, easy shopping on line
I have a white 4x6 mongolian lamb fur rug for about 5 years now and its in a fairly high traffic area and was starting to look just dreadful. I tried everything to dry clean it (brushing, baking soda, corn starch, beating it with brooms etc)and it was always just kinda yucky looking. I was going to replace it and then I saw that the cost of these rugs have gone wwaaaaay up since I purchased mine 5 years ago... I wasnt about to spend a thousand bucks or more on a new one. Someone recommended this product to me so I figured I had nothing to lose... even though I was totally skeptical of putting it in the wash... It is a small bottle, I wish I woulda got 2 because I didnt quite have enough product to properly follow the directions, but despite that, after washing it in this stuff it literally looks like brand new. I wish I could post before and after pictures!! I will absolutely be buying this again in the future for any sheepskin products that need cleaning.
This was a great set to buy along with our rug! The brush is fantastic and makes the rug look amazing - I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is buying a sheepskin rug.




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