Medical Sheepskin Chair Pad / Cushion - Grade A

Pad Size: 15X15
$54.95 $59.95 - $5.00
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My father was extremely pleased with his new seat cushion. Thank you for making such a quality product! This will definitely help with his care.
My husband has lymphedema, primarily in his legs, which requires keeping his legs elevated as much as possible. This cushion is perfect for size, comfort, and softness to help protect his legs. It serves a different purpose than a chair seat at our house and we love it.
My 2nd purchase. First one was for wheelchair this one for bed. Wonderful product. Easy to machine wash, comfortable at all times and easy on skin pressure points. Worth the cost for the quality product.
I use the sheepskin cushion on my chair and find it comfortable as far. Hoping good results continue.
My fanny is very,very happy
The chair pad is perfect for the reason I ordered it for my seems to be helping with his pressure wounds.
Sit often at my computer. Older age brings with it, less muscle to protect the sciatic around the butt area. The Sheepskin has replaced what I have lost, so now my sciatica is protected once again. Cushion is just right, stays in place in chair, and sheepskin is very soft.
I bought this product for myself because my health condition and love it a lot, it’s just what I needed and it’s been helping me so much.I will definitely look to you for more of my sheepskin when needed also tell friends and family where to get theirs.Very happy and satisfied also for your fast and friendly staff. Aloha from Hawaii
I ordered one of these chair pads for my son, who is disabled and sits most of the day. He liked it so well, I ordered a second one for his computer chair, so we wouldn't have to keep moving the one from chair to chair! Great product. Thanks!
My Mom uses it underneath her in bed for support for her buttocks and hips. It has provided excellent support in the area of need. The product is soft, smooth, and very durable.
This pad is used for comfort for an elderly person who sits for long periods. We liked it so much after two days we bought another. Seems to be an excellent product and using their website is simple. Shipping is fast. If we need another or similar items this is where we will get them.
Ordered the larger chair size and it’s just right for my needs. Currently lying on couch or in bed, recovering from knee injury. The bed sores are healing and I doubt they’ll return as long as I keep the pad in place. Will later use on my chair. Product is as advertised, plush and thick!
Due to medical issues I am forced to sit for the majority of the time. I ordered the 19" x19" chair pad and it has helped my comfort level tremendously. The shipping was as promised and I would not hesitate to buy other products from Sheepskintown if the need arises.
I am 87 years old. I recently lost a lot of weight, particularly in the posterior area. As a result I developed pressure points. My Dermitologist recomended sheepskin pads to preclude seious problems.I had never heard of this problem or solution before. I ordered some sheepskin pads frpm Sheepskin Town, which they promptly delivered. These pads have solved my problem. My thanks to Sheepskin Town.
I have the starts of pressure sores on the back of my thighs due to seating in my wheelchair most of the time. I bought the 19" medical sheepskin cushion. Sheepskintown was quick to answer my questions and their after purchase follow up was excellent. The cushion arrived in the time-frame as promised. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and product to friends and family. .
I bought the sheepskin seat pad for my mother who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. She loves it. She spends a lot of time sitting doing puzzles and watching tv and needed something to alleviate the pressure. It is lovely and soft and does the job perectly.
Sit on sheetskin,because I have a sore bottom has helped a lot.I would recommend it to anyone with a sore bottom
Because of a stage 1 ulcer, it was determined I needed an absolute softer cushioning affect, while setting down. Because of other issues, I'm unable to walk w/o assistance of a Rollator. I'm setting about 95% of my awake time. The Sheepskin definitely saves me from the unbearable pain I was experiencing. I'd like another Sheepskin pad, But I have to WAIT til I can see my way clear to buying another. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
I ordered the medical sheepskin chair pad 15 x 15 inches. I ordered this for my dad who is battling lung cancer. He lost a lot of weight and his bottom was getting sore from sitting. He had tried using just a blanket but that did not helped. I searched the internet and found your product and decided to buy it for him to try. He said it is so comfortable and can actually tolerate sitting. He brings it along to his radiation and immunotherapy treatment sessions. I actually ordered another one, the larger size of 19 x 19 inches so he can keep that one in his recliner and take the other one along. The shipping was super fast too, getting it 2 days sooner than expected!
I am older and need to sleep in a recliner. Me Bum was getting sore and this pad is really helping. I got the 19 by 19 sheep pad. Very well made good product. A great thank you for a great product to my neighbor to the North.
Excellent product, used in wheelchair, prompt service
Definitely would recommend
Might get another one for bed
the sheepskin is being used on the footrest of my recliner and is really comfortable and after sewing some ties it remains in place in all chair positions. my diabetic legs appareciate the comfort and i only wish I had ordered it long ago! I also apprecdiate the fast service as it arrived within days of my ordering.
I am using the sheepskin on my office chair that does not have a great cushion. I purchased the larger size and it is nice and wide. The sheepskin is TOP QUALITY, very comfortable and keeps me cool. It's funny how a simple thing like this can really make a difference when I have to sit for many hours per day for my job. What's nice about it is I can easily move it to any place I sit, so now I'm comfortable anywhere. Glad I bought it.




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