Women's Slide Shearling Sheepskin Slippers

Shoe Size: Women's 10
$69.95 $79.95 - $10.00
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new slippers. I looked for this type of slipper for years (after buying a pair and wearing them where they had no sole left!!!!) and found them here...the transaction was seamless and the slippers are super high quality. I was like a 10 year old when my box arrived in the mail. Thank you SheepSkinTown for carrying these awesome products!
These slippers are exactly what I was looking for: Cozy, comfortable and easy to slip into. They are very well made and the sheepskin is high quality. Ordering and shipping was easy - they arrived within a couple of days and just in time for the first taste of cool fall weather. I definitely recommend the slippers and the website and will return for future orders.
Excellent product.
Warm and cozy ....easy to slip into.
Bought these to replace ones I bought in NZD 6 years ago.
Hope they last as long !
Thanks for the beautiful slippers. My sweetheart
got them for Christmas and likes them very much.
They are extremely durable and are built
to last for many years. They arrived in
good time and great condition. Thanks again!
Love these slippers. So soft
Just to let you know, I never wear anything else Even wear them around my house
Very nice slippers but unfortunately the size was not big enough. If they had fit I would have loved them!!!
Slippers were exactly as pictured. I needed a nice wide toebox and it is. My size is 9 1/2 and I'm very glad I rounded up to 10 as the 10 is a comfortable fit. I wanted a flexible natural leather sole and this is it , other brands had a hard stiff sole.
The workmanship on these slippers is great, as is the appearance. They are a little on the small size, and I will be exchanging them for one size up.
The experience shopping on your website was seamless and fast.
Thank you!
These are the most comfortable, cozy, and warm pair of slippers I have ever owned. I love them! I ordered the size 7. I am a 7.5 and they were out of the size 8 so I took a chance and they are still a great fit.
I have been wearing these as house shoes every day for several weeks now and could not be happier with them. I wanted *leather-soled* scuffs, and as far as I can tell, these are one of only two brands of leather-soled scuffs still made on the planet (but surely this can't be right). Anyway, because of this leather sole, they are super flexible, lightweight, and quiet. I can sit on the sofa and tuck my feet up, or run down the stairs in the dark (because I can feel the stair edges under my feet). For my feet, it's like being cuddled in a snug nest AND being barefoot at the same time. An added plus from the leather sole is the knowledge that these scuffs are more or less completely biodegradable.

These have a shorter vamp than some scuffs. This, combined with the ruff, makes them (YES!) much cuter/sexier than many such house shoes (but slightly less warm). I have long, narrow feet, and for me they ran true to size.

Obviously I don't really wear them outside, but if I occasionally step out on the porch (when it's not snowy, that is) to get the mail or let in a cat, that doesn't seem to hurt them at all.

Customer service was great, too. I stupidly ordered the wrong thing (the scuffs with the bow, not the plain ruff), and hit SEND. So I called Customer Service and they answered right away and fixed it all (cancelled the wrong item, added the correct item) on the phone. Problem solved. You can't do that with Amazon.
I just got the shearling slippers. So far I like them. They are comfy and seem to be well made.
I am so grateful for your website. It has been two or three weeks since my new slippers arrived and I just love them. The leather sole was a must. They are so comfortable I could wear them 24-7. Thank you so much for a great product.
Very comfortable. Fit is a tad small so I went up half a size. Great quality and value
Love them a little tight but guess they will loosen up with wear.




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