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These are beautiful slippers. I’m very happy with my purchase. They were shipped immediately and arrived quickly. Very plush and warm and cozy!
I am wearing these now as I sit typing. I just got them today. I ordered them about a week or so ago. I love them. One is a little snug across the toe area, but I feel it will likely stretch out over time, but if I had to do over, I would have ordered a size larger... because right now I am not wearing socks, and I don't think they would fit if I had socks on. I guess it might depend on whether you wanted a roomy type of scuffy slipper or a snug one. Alas, the downside of ordering online versus being able to try on various sizes and styles. When ordering, keep in mind that your foot is going to be inside with all the fluffiness on all sides. They definitely seem to be a quality product, worth the money. Last winter I tried to make do with some acrylic slippers, but they just didn't have the warmth that wool has.
Wonderful slippers, exactly what I was looking for. And SheepskinTown provided excellent, responsive customer service when I had an issue with the fit/sizing. High recommend!
Very comfortable slippers. Lots of cushioning. Fits well. Would order again.
Beautiful slippers but not wide enough for my very wide size 6 lady feet. Have returned them and ordered a size larger in a different style.
My daughter usually wears.an 8 - 8.5 shoe, so, for Christmas, I ordered an 8 for her and an 9 for myself (I wear a 9 - 9.5 shoe) . She felt her 8 was too small for her, so gave her my 9s. Of course that leaves me with 8s. I am waiting to see if the sheepskin packs down on the 9's, so we can trade back. I have my fingers crossed, because squeezing into her 8's will probably be uncomfortable for me. I love the look and feel of the sheepskin, so hope it will work out. A little more advice on the website about sizing, paking down, stretching, etc would be helpful.
Great customer service, questions answered very promptly. Love the slippers. I've had this style of slipper before and they last for ages. Would make a great Christmas or birthday gift. Will definitely shop at Sheepskin town again.
Just what I was looking for-
This is my 2nd pair. I got my first pair as a gift and wore them for years. Absolutely love them. Definitely need to buy a size smaller as they are leather and stretch. I have washed them on the hand wash cycle with great success.
Perfect! Cozy and comfy... just was I was looking for!
My wife loves these and we will buy again when she needs them
Really nice and soft. Just what I wanted. Arrived as promised.
My order came in just a few days and I Love Them !! I am going to order some for my husband and son in laws for Christmas presents. My feet are so warm and cozy, Thank you
Cozy, comfortable, just right. I had been looking for soft-soled sheepskin slippers and am delighted with these. My old sheepskin slippers were fine, except for the hard sole which caused me to clunk around the house sounding like I was wearing wooden shoes. The whole family is pleased with my new, quiet slippers. And so am I.
Well made and high quality...quick delivery. Will order again!
I was very happy to find slippers that do not have a hard sole, as it seems most nowadays are being made that way. If I wanted a hard sole, I'd buy shoes! At least with a soft sole, the slipper can stretch all the way around to conform to my foot. The only problem I have is that these are so popular (I'm assuming), that you seem to run out of my size. Now that I've bought one pair, I want several more to last me a few years!
Warm, cozy and very comfortable to wear, even in bare feet.
I love my new slipper, thank you very much !!
Fantastic! These thick and soft slippers hug my feet and soothe them, easing the pains and swelling following long days spent on concrete floors. Can't imagine living without them. Good communications from SheepskinTown, fast delivery too.
I love love love these scuffies. This is my second pair. I would buy a third and a fourth if they came in dark brown and grey. Comfy, warm and stays on the feet.
Thank you for making these wonderful slippers!
Love these slippers, very comfortable
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new slippers! They are the first thing I put on when I get home! I'm so glad too to find a place that sells soft sole slippers! Thank you thank you! I will definitely recommend you to friends!
We had previously ordered the same slippers and obviously we were very happy with them , because we ordered them once again. I have cold feet terribly , but I have to take these off so often because my feet get to warm which is alright with me. When we ordered these to our surprise they only took a day and a half to get here wow. I worked in an old folks home and I think these would do wonders for the residents.




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