excellent quality.
Amazing product, every child born should have one...they love to lie on it till they are older...We buy one for every newborn in the family. 5 for sure...
Awesome mitts!! Very warm and soft inside!
this thing is soft and delicious. tastes like chicken!
I just received my sheepskin and it is exactly what I hoped for. The size is perfect; the leather back is good; the stitching is clean, it is soft and it came in a very timely and easy fashion. Of the many sites I checked, it was priced accurately yet on sale which made it the best buy. Ordering, etc. was smooth and easy. Haven't used customer service so can't comment on that. I can easily recommend this to others.
The rug I ordered was as beautiful as it was shown to be on the website. It was everything I expected it to be. I will be using it as a seat cover/pad on my touring motorcycle. Nothing more comfortable on a 2-3,000 mile ride. I recommend it for every biker.
The rug was beautiful! Very soft and top quality. It is perfect for my meditation area. I just can't let my dog near it. She thinks its another animal and wants to lick and chew the rug.
Love my slippers. Wear women's size 11 - very difficult to find, but you had them! Warm and comfortable. Quick delivery. Worth every penny!
9 Years  ago
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im in love with it
Feels wonderful! Color adds to the product, which does help prevent discomfort and bed sores when lying and sitting for hours. Product looks good on a bed or chair and seems a natural part of its surroundings.
Love love love this item. We have hardwood floors so I put it down as a cover for our play gym and it just perfectly suits/pads the space. Our friends use it for the same thing and I just bought one for another friend in LA for her baby shower. It's a wonderful product - so super soft and comfy!
My father has just started kidney dialysis. The 4 hours he spends in those chair 3 times a week is miserable. I wanted to help in some way so purchased your XL sheepskin. He loves it !! It keeps him warm and his back and hips don't kill him while he gets his treatments. Thank You So Much
Purchased this for my two and a half year old daughter. She'd transitioned from crib to toddler rail and we gradually noticed she wasn't able to get comfortable on the very firm baby mattress. Tried an extra padded mattress cover but she would still roll around and not get to sleep, especially at the all important nap time. Our sheepskin arrived in less than a week (during a northern snowstorm) with no odor (I'm real picky a/b that) and is soft and beautiful. We didn't have to air it as expected and she loves it! We place it under her fitted sheet and, though nap time is far from perfect, we've noticed a positive difference. Now she talks about, "...sleeping on my sheep..." at bedtime.
I ware sheepskin slippers all the time and the inner wares over time...getting the sheepskin inserts is like getting a second pair I love them.
Sheepskin InSoles 9 Years  ago
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What a wonderful rag, so beautiful and cozy! My cat goes NUTS for it, it's her favorite place in the house now, she sleepis there at night.
Fast shipping too!
purchased for my mom to prevent bed sores. It is beautiful and just what I had hoped for. Love it! The large size was perfect for her bed and wheelchair.
I can't believe how fast we got our was so nice to get it so quickly for our baby girl. The product is lovely....a nice colour and great quality. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
The sheepskin came in only 3 days and is so warm, larger than I thought it would be, and of excellent quality. I use it to sleep on at night and stay very cozy and sleep like a baby! Thank you!!
Ordered this for our baby girl's nursery and we love it! Great quality and plush look!
I have ALS. I'm not bedridden, but moving in bed is becoming more and more difficult so I spend more time in one position. I also find keeping my limbs warm helps decrease muscle cramps and stiffness common to ALS. I bought two XL pads. I used one for the first time last night and found it extremely comfortable, warm and snug and slept quite soundly. The second pad I plan to use on my armchair and with my rolling walker.
It was just delivered and the hat is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you.
Nicest gloves I've ever owned. They fit perfectly, are well made and are very warm.
Have only had the gloves for a few days, so can't speak to durability. But they are comfortable, warm, and well made.
Very happy with slippers! Well made, perfect sizing. I like the option of wearing the flaps up or down. Living high up a volcano in Hawaii, these are the ideal winter footwear!
9 Years  ago
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