Shearling Area Rug Collection

Add some flare to a room with one of our genuine shearling rugs; they're sure to spice up your decor. They come in an array of stunning colors and patterns. You have some colorful funky options, as well as some more classic, subtle choices to choose from. Besides the beautiful patterns, what differentiates the shearling rugs from our large longwool rug collection is that they have been sheared to a length of about 1". This gives a more tame, sharp look to the rugs. Our designer shearling rugs are offered in sizes from 2x8 feet to 8.5x11 feet, find one that will fit in your home.

About our Shearling Area Rugs

We use only the finest sheepskin pelts when choosing our designer sheepskin rugs. They're made from the highest quality shorn sheepskin from Australia and New Zealand.

Our designer sheep skin rugs are available in many sizes from 2 x 8 feet, up to 11.5 by 8 feet. No matter what size or shape of room you're looking to fill, we'll have a lambskin rug for you. Our trendy sheepskin rugs are also available in multiple colors, so have a look around and find the right sheared sheepskin designer rug for you.

Most sheepskin rugs are made from full lambskin pelts, and retain their original shape. These custom lamb skin carpets have been hand made to conform to more "traditional" carpet shapes, making for an amazing floor covering in any room.

These are the same sheepskin rugs sold at major stores such as Costco, Ikea, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn. Buy a designer sheepskin rug from Sheepskin Town today Our designer lambskin rugs are the best available.

Recent Reviews About our Shearling Area Rugs

Bowron Designer Lines Sheepskin Area Rug Bowron Designer Lines Sheepskin Area Rug

Joey from NY
February 21, 2015
"absolutely a work of art."
Rectangle Sheepskin Area Rug - Ivory Rectangle Sheepskin Area Rug - Ivory

ann from california
June 22, 2014
"the rug was even better than I expected! I absolutely love it!"
Shorn Sheepskin Zebra Pattern Designer Bowron Rug Shorn Sheepskin Zebra Pattern Designer Bowron Rug

Toni from Las Vegas, NV USA
March 22, 2014
"Love it. My 2nd one! I first bought the smaller one and had to get the larger one. Sooooo soft and beautiful. Thank You"
Rectangle Sheepskin Rug - Ivory (2x3 ft) Rectangle Sheepskin Rug - Ivory (2x3 ft)

jck2 from nyc
March 2, 2014
"Love it! So does my 16 1/2 year old dog, Bucky!"
Shorn Sheepskin Zebra Pattern Designer Bowron Rug Shorn Sheepskin Zebra Pattern Designer Bowron Rug

TH from Las Vegas
February 3, 2014
"I recieved a zebra design sheepskin rug as a gift. It is sooooooo beautiful. Soft, thick"
Squares - Bowron Designer Sheepskin Area Rug Squares - Bowron Designer Sheepskin Area Rug

Sheepskin lover from North Mankato MN
February 2, 2014
"This is the 2nd Mocha Square sheepskin rug I have bought. No one steps on it without a comment, "It feels so good". I hand vacuum the rug as my dog loves it too. It is easy to vacuum as it feels great when I kneel down to use the hand vacuum, about once monthly."

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