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About Sheepskin Throws

Sheepskin blanket decor ideas

Use our Mongolian Sheepskin or Australian Longwool throws to add warmth and comfort, as well as some stunning pieces of decor. They can work in many places around your home, so your entire home will seem more inviting with sheep skin.

A sheepskin blanket in the bedroom

You can use a sheep fur blanket as a decorative addition to your bed that can also add some comfort and warmth. Lay it on the end of the bed to keep your feet cozy and add texture or color to the bed design. You can do the same with a bedside chair.

Using a lambskin blanket as a throw in your living room

A lamb skin pillow can help you get comfy when want to read your favorite book in front of your fireplace, or curl up in your couch and enjoy a cup of warm coffee is a sheepskin throw. These are not only functional accessories but will also accentuate your home beautifully. Practicality meets delightful beauty with our selection of blankets and throws. Whether you like the appearance, the warmth, or both, our selection of blankets is as unique as their makeup. Use our Australian Longwool or Mongolian Sheepskin as a comfy throw or statement décor. With beauty and texture that are incomparable, our blankets are high quality and irresistibly cozy.Soft and self-cleaning, these blankets stand far above the competition.


Because sheepskin is great at regulating temperature, these blankets are perfect and comfortable year round.Without the annoyance of overheating or the chill from lack of insulation, you will enjoy snuggling up in one of these blankets in any environment. During the bitter winter, enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate while wrapped up in your favorite throw. Whenthose hot summer months hit, our blankets will allow you to remain cool and comfortable when you want to enjoy the simplicity of curling up in a blanket. With soft and plush texture, our sheep blankets are irresistible but also easy to care for as well. Sheepskin is a naturally self-cleaning, hypoallergenic material. Being dirt and dust resistant, our plush blankets provide comfort and cleanliness year round.

In the Home

You can toss a beautiful throw on the back of your couch to add a hint of chic taste to your home décor. Not only will this promote an inviting and warm feel to the room, but you will have full functionality of a warm and comfortable blanket as well. You can also add a sheep hide blanket to your bedspread for additional texture and complimentary décor. Wherever you desire, our blankets and throws will make a chic and stylish statement, with extra comfort to accompany the beauty.

In the Office

If you have a bench, couch, or office chair that could use a little hint of color or warmth, you can toss a folded throw over the back to bring it to life. As we offer blankets and throws that can fit well into a professional environment, these can be the perfect inviting addition to your corporate environment.We know that the office thermostat is never perfect, and sometimes a little warmth can go a long way, especially throughout the workday. Wrapping yourself in one of these will always warm you right up.


Considering that sheep hide regulates body temperature in both cold and warm condition, our blankets can even be brought outdoors and work very well in every season. Wicking away sweat and protecting against cold winds, your sheep blanket will be your new campfire necessity. As sheepskin is naturally flame retardant, snuggling up in your cozy blanket won't be a safety hazard around the campfire either. As you can see, these blankets are versatile in both form and function. They look great as an addition to any piece of furniture and also will keep you warm when it gets chilly. Get a blanket to snuggle up with today!

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