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About Sheepskin Pillows

Decorating with Sheepskin Pillows

Lambswool pillows can add a lot to your home decor. The Australian and Tibetan long-wool throw pillows can also work functionally by adding comfort to any room. These lush pillows are versatile enough to fit perfectly into a country or modern style home, as well as any design concept in between. Pair a real Mongolian or long-wool sheepskin pillow with a sheepskin area rug of the same color for a harmonious color scheme. Everyone in your family will love the warm feel of our sheepskin pillows from your baby even to your dog.

Color Pallet

When adding pillows to a room it’s important to think of a color scheme. You want to choose colors that will match or enhance the decor already in your home. You want to compliment a space, but not overpower it. We offer a variety of colors; we have some softer, neutral tones for a more conservative style and bolder tones for a fun statement. A sheepskin pillow makes the perfect addition to any room.


Sheepskin throw pillows are a great way to add texture to your home. They are fluffy, furry and full. They soften up a space and give a room a change of texture. This can provide some contrast to a sharp design. Lambskin can loosen up a space, making it less rigid. This works to add depth and character. They're a great way to add warmth without forgoing a polished look.

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