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About Sheepskin Rugs

The possibilities are endless with our genuine Australian sheepskin rugs. There are features of authentic sheepskin that cannot be duplicated by any other natural or synthetic material. Sheepskin is among nature’s greatest gifts. Normal rugs are simply welcoming but sheepskin rugs are delightfully inviting. Adding these plush sheepskin hides to any home or office will bring appealing luxury and style to any room. With different sizes and shapes, we offer beautiful rugs for every area in the house. These hides make warm and captivating rugs, but also prove to be versatile in use as well. From cozy throws to seat cushions our luscious, natural sheepskin hides are perfect for a variety of purposes.

The Nature of Sheepskin

Sheepskin, itself, is a truly unique and timeless. Sheepskin has the ability to keep you warm in the winter and keep you cool in the summer, providing the perfect thermostat. With the unique wool fibers, this hide can regulate temperature under extreme conditions. Sheepskin is able to wick away sweat and return it into the air much faster than any synthetic material, keeping you comfortable.

Aside from the ability to regulate body temperature, these hides can also prove to be the ultimate cozy throw as well. With coiling fibers throughout the entire hide, these throws and rugs are softer than any man-made cloth or fabric.

Beauty and comfort combine to make sheepskin so desirable. Adding to the allure, owning and caring for these rugs is straight forward and easy. Considering that sheep rugs are also dirt resistant and will self-clean when hung in the fresh air, maintenance is minimal.

Sheepskin Rug Decor Ideas

What better way to beautify your home than with a luscious white sheepskin rug? The soft look and feel of a sheep rug can enhance all corners of your house, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Plush lambskin rugs can define your home and go with any of your decorating schemes due to their timeless appeal and beneficial qualities. A faux sheepskin rug pales in comparison to the look, feel and benefits of a genuine sheepskin rug. You can even layer rugs for a statement piece.

Perfect for the bedroom or child's nursery

They make a great addition to your bedroom or a child's nursery. Sheepskin baby rugs can add comfort and padding for little ones learning how to walk and provide a cozy feel for parents. Make sure to shop the baby sheepskin category if you are considering purchasing a sheepskin for your baby.

Add a warm touch to your office

Small sheepskin rugs can enhance your office and library as well. Make your workplace more relaxing and comfortable with a sheepskin rug over your desk chair or in front of your bookshelves. Use sheepskin grey rugs to add texture to a room with a neutral color scheme for an instant sophisticated accent that will invite you in.

Sheep fur rugs are versatile

A double sheepskin rug can make a great hallway runner to add warmth to your house. These large sheepskin rugs can be used as throw blankets to keep you cozy on the couch. If you're hosting a party and don't have enough chairs for guests, simply add a double rug to a chest or bench for instant comfort. Make a spare room into a modern lounge with black area sheepskin rugs and pillows, or add a rug to a breakfast nook for a comfy reading space.

Transform Your Space

Among our sheep rugs for sale, there are a variety of styles and shapes between pelted, circular, and squared off rugs. From single pelt to eight pelt rugs, small to large, we have options for any room of any size. The ideas for your new sheep hide rug are endless.

Add a doublepelted piece as a hallway runner or throw a large designer oval piece in your family room. Toss a pop of color into your dull living room or bring in the neutrals to your office space. The options are limitless but bound to make a statement nonetheless.

Expect nothing but comfort and quality with these sophisticated lambskins. As nature creates highest quality product anyone could desire, we offer the highest quality with timeless style.

Modern and Timeless

When adding to a décor scheme, it is vital to be on trend. The problem many people face, however, is the current style becomes disposable within a year or two. With our sheep rugs, we produce neutrals and designs that will stick around. These rugs will remain constant while the rest of the décor changes. With the dirt and dust resistance, there will be no need to replace these rugs for many years to come. The only reason you will find yourself buying another sheep hide rug is simply to add to your collection – not to replace.

Adding a lambskin rug to a space will ensure a sense of warmth that a faux sheepskin rug just can't provide. You can place a white sheepskin rug on dark floors for a sharp contrast. Use a black or grey sheepskin area rug to match your furniture. Take a colorful large sheepskin rug and put it in your living room to create a playful energy. Use a small sheepskin rug as a throw, pet bed or chair cover. Search our wide selection to find a wool rug that fits in your home.

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