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Saddle Pads

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About Saddle Pads

We offer an array of sheepskin horse tack and equestrian equipment. Our products will improve the riding experience for both the horse and the rider. It is important to note that all of our pads are made for riders of many styles and skill levels. They work as protective equipment to ensure the health and comfort of both rider and horse.

Benefits of Equestrian Sheepskin

Sheepskin is a great choice for equestrian purposes due to the fact that it will moisturize the horse's skin, while also protecting against the buildup of excess moisture as it is antibacterial and absorbs moisture at a very high rate. All of our sheepskin horse tack is from Engel sheepskin and is made with 100% medical grade sheepskin, which is sheared to a length of 1 inch. This helps to redistribute pressure; the redistribution of weight improves blood flow and is important when preventing pressure sores. Sheepskin is exceptionally breathable, so you and your horse will not overheat. It is also naturally soft and durable so it will do it's job for a long time.

Check out our selection of horse tack for western or dressage (English) style riding. We offer full sheepskin saddle pads, half pads, saddle seat covers, a bridle cover, a halter cover, a girth strap cover, as well as a saddle blanket. Some products are for under saddle and others are for over saddle.

Our sheepskin saddle pads are a must have for Western style riders that are concerned for the care and comfort of their horse.

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