Sheepskin Blankets & Sheepskin Pillows

Add a warm, comfy impression to a room that won’t cause overheating. Sheep skin is naturally breathable, so when you cozy up under a sheepskin blanket or rest your head on sheepskin pillows you won’t get too hot. These pieces can be used in virtually any home decor; they’re versatile enough to fit into a country or a modern style, as well as any design concept in between. Pair a real Mongolian or longwool sheepskin throw blanket and pillows with a sheepskin area rug of the same color for a harmonious color scheme. Everyone in your family will love the warm feel of our sheepskin pillow and blankets, from your baby even to your dog.

About our Blankets & Pillows

Decorating with Sheepskin Blankets and Pillows

Lambswool blankets and pillows can add a lot to your home decor. The Australian and Tibetan longwool throw pillows and blankets can also work functionally by adding comfort to any room.

Color Pallet

When adding pillows and blankets to a room it’s important to think of a color scheme. You want to choose colors that will match or enhance the decor already in your home.  You want to compliment a space, but not overpower it.  We offer a variety of colors; we have some softer, neutral tones for a more conservative style and bolder tones for a fun statement. Sheepskin throw blanket or pillow make the perfect addition to any room.


Sheepskin throw pillows and blankets are a great way to add texture to your home. They are fluffy, furry and full. They soften up a space and give a room a change of texture. This can provide some contrast to a sharp design. Lambskin can loosen up a space, making it less rigid. This works to add depth and character. They're a great way to add warmth without forgoing a polished look.

Recent Reviews About our Blankets & Pillows

White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion

Pam from Churubusco, IN
October 29, 2016
"We bought the one sided sheepskin pillows. We had bought an oatmeal fabric couch and it looked a little too modern and not soft. The two pillows arrived earlier than expected and add a beautiful softness and lightness to the couch and room. When a soft light comes in the window they reflect the light beautifully. I would recommend the pillows to any couch that needs a softness or a little light directing the eye to it. Thank you very much for your wonderful pillows."
Chocolate Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion Chocolate Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion

Debra from Peachland, BC
October 24, 2016
"Lovely and soft - smaller than I thought they would be - but nice:)"
White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion

S. from Vancouver Island
March 13, 2016
"We have a large living room with a u-shaped sectional and 5-ft round cuddler chair. We quickly received our order of 3 two-sided sheepskin pillows and are so happy with them I just ordered another for the living room. My husband somehow ends up with all three when he's on the sofa. :-) I've also ordered the Tibetan lambskin pillow for my office chair. I have been looking for two-sided lambskin pillows for a while and am extremely pleased with the quality and price. I will be ordering more things from here soon."
Sheepskin Wool Pillow Sham - 20x30 inches Sheepskin Wool Pillow Sham - 20x30 inches

John from Spartanburg, SC, USA
November 22, 2015
"Awesome product. Keeps me from sweating during the night while keeping me warm and cool at the same time. But would be nice to have a size smaller, for the regular pillow 20x26. I would get more if they were for the regular pillow."
Midnight Black Longwool Pillow / Cushion Midnight Black Longwool Pillow / Cushion

Brandon from San Diego, California
September 16, 2015
"We have ordered these double sides pillows 2xs as they are AMAZINGLY well made!! Soft as butter and durable, these pillows are of superb quality. A"
White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion

Kathie from Chestnut Hill, MA
August 1, 2015
"The pillow was lovely...absolutely nothing wrong with it. However it turned out to be too small in size for my intended use for it, which was as a fancy seat cushion on a specialty chair. I am returning it only for that reason, as I could not find an alternative use for it at the present time. A small sheepskin hide is too large for this purpose, unfortunately. This pillow would serve beautifully as a decorative "throw pillow" on a couch, large chair, or bed."
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