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Shearling sheepskin gloves and mittens are the ultimate combination of fashion and function. Shearling sheepskin ensures that your hands stay warm, dry and comfortable. The leather exterior of our mittens is offered in two finishes: napa and suede. They are also hypoallergenic.

Unlike some competitors we offer genuine shearling sheepskin gloves. Genuine shearling gloves are sewn with the wool facing inwards, leather facing outwards, and contain no synthetic materials. Pair them with a shearling hat for a timeless look that's also functional. We offer a selection of styles in both mens shearling gloves and womens shearling gloves. They keep your hands warm and offer many benefits that lamb leather or synthetic gloves won't.

Benefits of Shearling Sheepskin Gloves

Shearling sheepskin regulates body temperature

Real shearling sheepskin is thermostatic by nature, which helps to regulate body temperature. Sheepskin is both dense and breathable so your hands will stay warm in winter, but not overheat. This means that your hands will always be warm in your sheepskin gloves, without your hands sweating.

Shearling sheepskin will stay dry and clean

Shearling sheepskin is antibacterial and lanolin is self cleaning when aired out. Sheepskin can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping your hands dry.

Lanolin is great for the health of skin

Lanolin found in sheep's wool is also very good for a person’s skin; it can limit itchiness and irritation. This is an amazing benefit that will soothe cold, dry hands from the harsh effects of winter.


Sheepskin is biodegradable and takes less energy to produce making it an eco-friendly alternative to synthetically made material. It is a byproduct of the meat industry, which helps to eliminate waste by making use of it.

Recent Reviews About our Gloves

Alaska Tan Shearling Sheepskin Mittens for Men Alaska Tan Shearling Sheepskin Mittens for Men
Verified Buyer

Deannie from Michigan
February 10, 2019

"Love these mittens! Our Michigan winters can get downright COLD while doing outside chores and these mittens are perfect for keeping fingers warm. I ordered a pair of size medium for me and a pair of large for hubby. We live on a farm with horses, ducks, geese and chickens so there is no option to stay inside when the temps get -18 degrees Fahrenheit! Wish I had found this site sooner as I have tried other mittens but nothing can compare in warmth or overall good looks as these. I do have to remove them to buckle or unbuckle horse blankets, halters, etc., however my fingers soon warm up after I put the mittens back on. Shipping was fast and safe. We are so very pleased and will be back for more Sheepskin town products."

Brown Shearling Sheepskin Pom Pom Gloves Brown Shearling Sheepskin Pom Pom Gloves
Verified Buyer

Rose-NN from Kelowna, BC
January 30, 2019

"Without my new gloves, I am in pain in my fingertips, at the end of the Curling Games. I have Reynauds. It was imperative that I find gloves or mittens to be able to Curl at the Curling Rink for a couple of hours, without my fingers in pain. I have Reynaud's and my fingers and toes freeze when exposed to cold. I found it!! I finally found gloves that provide the protection that I need to be able to continue playing the sport that I love. My gloves are not only saving my fingers from the cooler temperature, while curling, they look great too! Love the fit!! Love the curling game, now "painless"!! Love the look!! Wear them everywhere!! Thank you Sheepskin Town!! Rose-Ann"

Black Sheepskin Suede Gloves for Women Black Sheepskin Suede Gloves for Women
Verified Buyer

CIndy S. from Torrington, Ct USA
January 22, 2019

"The warmest pair of gloves I have ever owned. I suffer from nephropathy in both my hands left from cancer treatments. This is the first time I can say that I can comfortable walk my dogs or run errands without pain from the cold. Not even ski gloves compare. Thanks for a wonderful product."

Tan Sheepskin Suede Leather Gloves for Men Tan Sheepskin Suede Leather Gloves for Men
Verified Buyer

CSA from Chicago
December 15, 2018

"I gave these beautiful, warm and well made sheepskin gloves to my son for his birthday. He absolutely loves them! Though I had to return another set of leather gloves due to size, I will definitely order again from Sheepskin Town. I appreciate the great customer service and quality of their products."

Black Sheepskin Nappa Gloves for Women Black Sheepskin Nappa Gloves for Women
Verified Buyer

Bobbi from NY
December 8, 2018

"I have had Ugg suede sheepskin gloves and these SheepskinTown gloves are warmer. I am about a 7 1/4 size glove and ordered the S/M size which are a tad too big but not so much that I would send them back. I am very happy with them."

Black Sheepskin Nappa Gloves for Women Black Sheepskin Nappa Gloves for Women
Verified Buyer

DWL from Northwestern Connecticut
December 5, 2018

"Wonderful gloves! The price is right, they're well made--I have rather large hands for a woman, and long fingers--rarely do I find a glove that satisfies both criteria without one or the other not fitting right. Usually, the fingers are too short, so I was more than pleased to find the length long enough. The gloves also arrived quite promptly--right in time for the cold snap!"

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