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Excellent service and product. Baby and mom both love this sheepskin.
Exactly what we were looking for as a gift for friends. Shipped quickly, arrived quickly (even in the midst of the pandemic. The perfect gift for a newborn.
This is the second sheepskin I have purchased. I bought one a year ago for my granddaughter and she just loves it. It also washes great. My children all had a skin that was passed down to us(30 years ago) so they hold up well.
I purchase these sheepskin rugs for newborns - we originally bought them in Australia for our kids, and have LOVED them ever since! Cool in the summer, warm in winter, easy to lay on the floor for baby to be snuggly clean & safe...for our toddler years ago it became his “blankie”, of which we still have a “piece” left for a keepsake 29 years later! Doctor approved, machine washable...mother natures perfection!
I may have purchased more than 10 baby sheeps...for babies and my baby who grew up to be over 6ft tall. We love them, always give them as gifts.
I ordered a baby sheepskin for our daughters baby who is due in April. Both of our children grew up with a 'lambie' to lay on. It was the best thing ever. when we visited friends and the kids got tired we just lay them down on their sheepskin and they went right to sleep. No matter where we traveled if we had their lambies they always had a good night sleep. When our daughter found out she was pregnant one of the first things she asked was would we buy her baby a sheepskin! I have purchased several over the years for friends babies and Sheepskin Town is great to work with. The sheepskin is of the highest quality and they ship quickly!
My beagle has torn his ACL and is doing a lot more laying around than usual, so I wanted something to add warmth and cushion to his bed. He loves laying on this baby sheepskin, though he is a bit disappointed that the leather underside makes it difficult for him to arrange to his satisfaction. I like that it stays in place and provides full coverage for him when he is all stretched out. My chihuahua also likes the feel of this plush bed layer. I ordered a yoga mat too, and the minute I put that on the couch my chihuahua settled in for a nap. I'm sure he likes the fact that it is soft and warm. I am impressed with both products and may have to order more so I have my very own yoga mat.
Beautiful. Mother and Baby will love it.
Only thing my newborn grand baby will sleep on , fussy without it. Thank you
For making them !
I just bought my third Baby Sheepskin for my third grandchild. I love these sheepskins after purchasing one for my own daughter. It's really a life long gift and has so many other uses beyond infant care. I used it when I was pregnant for my sore aching hips and back, then passed it on to my daughter when she was born, and now it hangs on the back of an antique chair! This is a timeless gift of great value. The lambskins are very nice and thick compared to the cheap versions in supermarkets. I highly recommend this product for both its quality and longevity. After 20 years it looks as good as it ever did. Note: Washing it changes the texture of the wool a bit, but it functions the same.
Bought this to add comfort to a chair. Beautifully soft and comfortable to the touch. Very nice product. Fast service. Thanks very much
I think my new great-grand baby is going to be very cozy in her new space. Baby sheepskin is beautiful.
I have an eight pelt sheepskin pad for my bed and I sleep like a baby.
My Daughter likes it,my new grandchild will love it.Makes her grandfather happy.My daughter is happy, I'm happy.
Lovely, thanks. Fast shipping too. This is the second one I've bought as a baby gift and they're really very much appreciated.
Love the sheepskin I bought for our 3 month old son!! He loves lying on it... And we even put it in his crib at night. Very soft; excellent quality. Worth every penny.
I raised my son with NZ fleeces and agree that a fleece baby is a happier baby. I bought this for my (future) grandchild.
Exactly what I hoped it would be. Perfect!
Great product - incredibly fast shipping. Thanks!
This is the second sheepskin that I've purchased from sheepskintown.com. It arrived within days, well packaged in a protective breathable zippered case. The underside of this hide was flawless. I am very happy with my purchase over all. Until you've had one against your skin you won't know what you're missing (very therapeutic)
Over-all happy with my purchase. It arrived quickly in a plastic protective case. It's beautiful, my only concern is on the underside, the hide has an area that has been scraped very thin at some point in the process, and I fear it may tear at some point (I intend to reinforce it, but have to figure out the proper way to do this). I am considering purchasing another. I use this hide for my 3lb chihuahua who is extremely sensitive to everything temperature. She loves it and I would love one of my own.
Really quick shipping and really good quality product
Product is wonderful, Used it on a recliner for his comfort,after surgery.
Fits chair perfect recommend highly.
It will be for a baby shower. Lambskins blankets are the next best thing to human skin in terms of development of the infant. Website was excellent.
Just what I wanted for the new baby. Very soft and comforting. Very quick delivery.




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