Sheepskin for Baby

When your baby sleeps through the night, so do you! All of our baby sheepskin products are made from authentic sheepskin and are treated to be safe for babies and children. Sheepskin for baby is extremely soft and breathable, making it perfect for sleeping on. Studies suggest that babies who sleep on sheep skin are more content and sleep more soundly than those who don’t. Lambskin is soothing and portable; use a baby sheepskin rug, sheepskin stroller / car seat cover, or a medical sheepskin so you can take sheepskin for your baby anywhere.

About our Baby Sheepskin

Sheepskin is soothing to babies, especially once they get used to it. Sheepskin has benefits that no other material can provide. It can help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

Baby sheepskin is Sanitized®. This process ensures that the highest standard of quality and safety is met. This process is approved for use in baby wear products by Oeko-Tex standard 100. It has antibacterial qualities that give the product a longer life, and prevents odors. This process is known for comfort, cleanliness and reducing fiber loss. Reducing fiber loss is extremely important when it comes to producing a sheepskin rug for your baby; this makes it much safer for a baby. The process uses no pesticides, no organic tin compounds, no azo dyestuffs, no heavy metals, and no chlorinated chemicals. It is also free of vegetable matter and other foreign material.

Benefits of Baby Lambskin

Conforms to body

Sheepskin fibers are soft and springy, which allows sheepskin to conform to the shape of a baby's body. This increases blood flow and is very comfortable to provide a great sleep.

Regulates body temperature

It can also regulate body temperature because of its extraordinary breathability. Sheepskin has hollow fibers, which increase air flow. This means your baby will stay warm without overheating.

Improves health of skin while reducing excess moisture

Sheep skin is able to release moisture into the air at a faster rate than other materials. Sheepskin is able to absorb 33% of its own weight in water without feeling moist. This helps to limit rashes and irritated skin. Lanolin in wool helps to improve the health of baby’s skin.

Self-cleaning, hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Sheepskin is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. When left to air out lanolin acts as a self cleaning agent. It also absorbs static electricity caused by friction: no shocks.

Reduces chances of developing asthma

A study in Germany found that sleeping on natural sheepskin can reduce incidents of asthma in babies up to 79%. Microbes found in sheepskin are presumed to protect against the development of asthma.

A better sleep for you and your baby

Research has shown that babies are more content, cry less and sleep more soundly when sleeping on natural sheepskin. Sheepskin is portable, so you can bring your baby sheepskin pad and blanket anywhere. This means that your baby will have a familiar feeling when resting their head. If they stay the night at a babysitter’s, or grandma & grandpa’s house; they 'll feel right at home. Your baby will get a good sleep and your babysitter will thank you.

Recent Reviews About our Baby Sheepskin

Baby Sheepskin Stroller Snuggle Baby Sheepskin Stroller Snuggle

Lisa from Ontario
November 11, 2015
"I ordered this stroller bag on a Monday and received it on Wednesday. I love how well it is made and my four month old daughter loves going for walks even when it is chilly out. I love that the front zips off for going indoors or if it warms up outside. My only recommendation would be to have the holes for the stroller straps be a bit bigger and to have two different levels of holes for the top shoulder straps. Love the sheepskin!"
Baby Sheepskin - Short Wool Baby Sheepskin - Short Wool

Christine Harbord from Ontario Canada
October 16, 2015
"This is the second sheepskin that I've purchased from It arrived within days, well packaged in a protective breathable zippered case. The underside of this hide was flawless. I am very happy with my purchase over all. Until you've had one against your skin you won't know what you're missing (very therapeutic)"
Baby Sheepskin - Short Wool Baby Sheepskin - Short Wool

ev_angeline7 from Ontario Canada
October 5, 2015
"Over-all happy with my purchase. It arrived quickly in a plastic protective case. It's beautiful, my only concern is on the underside, the hide has an area that has been scraped very thin at some point in the process, and I fear it may tear at some point (I intend to reinforce it, but have to figure out the proper way to do this). I am considering purchasing another. I use this hide for my 3lb chihuahua who is extremely sensitive to everything temperature. She loves it and I would love one of my own."
Baby Sheepskin - Short Wool Baby Sheepskin - Short Wool

Framby from Glenlevit, NB Canada
August 4, 2015
"Really quick shipping and really good quality product"
Baby Sheepskin - Short Wool Baby Sheepskin - Short Wool

panda from mandeville la.
July 31, 2015
"Product is wonderful, Used it on a recliner for his comfort,after surgery. Fits chair perfect recommend highly."
Baby Sheepskin - Long wool Baby Sheepskin - Long wool

LAB from Dahlonega, GA
June 30, 2015
"This is the second sheepskin I've ordered for my great grandchildren. I am very happy with the quality, and delivery time of your product!! I recommend you to my friends. Thank you very much. (Ordered 1 short wool, 1 long wool)"
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