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Health Benefits of Sheepskin for Babies


Sheepskin for Babies: Can Babies Sleep on Sheepskin?

More and more moms are trying their luck with sheepskin for babies in hopes of making their little ones fall asleep faster and longer. However, we need to know if it babies on sheepskinreally works? The answer is yes, it does! Sheepskins are super soft, fluffy, and gentle on babies’ skin, so using sheepskin for your baby is beneficial. Although many moms are still asking, “Can babies sleep on sheepskin?” Yes, they can. We want to discuss its health benefits for your baby.

Sheepskin Rugs for Babies

Sheepskin rugs for babies are often used in a child’s nursery or playroom to keep the floor safe and clean for your baby’s quick little hands and feet. They are gentle for infants’ since they contain no harsh chemicals that will irritate your baby’s skin. For babies are also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, leaving you worry free about your baby’s health when crawling and sleeping all over these rugs.

Can Babies Sleep on Sheepskin?

Absolutely! There’s no reason why babies can’t sleep on sheepskin. You just need to make sure that they can breathe properly. You also must make sure they aren't overly covered with blankets, are secured from falling, and that the sheepskin is regularly washed. Maintaining them is pretty easy. Some sheepskin rugs need to be washed using only water. You need to clean them with water regularly, weekly at the least, to avoid dirt buildup. Before washing it, brush it with a sheepskin brush to remove entanglements. Some sheepskin rugs for babies are dry wash only. The key here is to clean the rugs frequently to keep your baby safe from germs.

Health Benefits of Sheepskin for Babies

1. Babies sleeping on sheepskin may be less prone to asthma than those who do not. A study in 2014 by German researchers led by Dr. Christina Tischer found that babies who slept on sheepskin in their first three months had 79% less chance of developing asthma by the age of six. This percentage turns 41% when they reach the age of 10. The researchers suggest that the sheepskin may have abundant microbes that can protect babies against allergies, thus increasing their immune system in the process. 2. Sheepskins for babies will give them a more restful sleep. It is every mom’s dream to be able to sleep for straight eight hours, and the only way to achieve this is if your baby falls asleep soundly! Sheepskins will help you with that. Sheepskin is known to have temperature regulating properties that help control our internal body temp. So even if it’s too hot or cold, you still can regulate body temperate perfectly. This is important for newborns, especially low birth weight babies or premature ones because they have not fully developed their body temperature regulating abilities. So can babies sleep on sheepskin? I think we know the answer! The healthy benefits of sheepskin for babies are amazing, and thousands of moms can attest to that. Sheepskins help our babies sleep better and stay comfortable throughout the night, reducing the risk of them waking up due to being cold or hot. These are definitely a must-try for any mother.




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