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I bought these for my husband because they would cover his ankles and because they could be adjusted for times he might want to wear thick socks. Two months after Christmas, when he had a series of life-threatening health issues, these went with him to ICU (and were the envy of his medical team). These slippers were able to accommodate his feet when his feet swelled from severe edema. We were able to change them left/right to right/left so he could reach the straps, and the easy closure straps gave him a sense of self-efficacy and control over something when everything else seemed beyond his control. The slippers got stretched a little when his feet swelled even more - nothing else would have been able to fit and keep his feet warm. Finally, when he was allowed to start walking, these slippers were the only things that fit his feet, and they provided the traction needed for safety down the hospital hallways. I cannot say enough good things about these slippers. They were a great comfort (to us both) when life was getting really rough. And now, with normal sized feet, the velcro straps give a perfect fit. WE LOVE THESE SLIPPERS.




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