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using the product for yoga practice
luscious feel , i don't want to get off the mat!
great service, timely would order from you guys again! thanks
Beautiful clean sumptuous sheepskin. I use it for yoga and meditation even sleeping on (Naps and traveling) Love it!
I purchased this for myself(of course) but I placed it on my hubby's fav chair
This is wonderful
Love this! Great quality, quick shipping, great service!
This is a beautiful piece that I got, not for yoga, but for cushioning a wedge I have to sleep on. I did not want to sleep on foam, and this is just great to cover it. Very nice quality.
Love it! Can't believe how quickly I go it! Great for yoga.
excellent service arrived quickly, works perfectly
I use the sheep skin on my thermarest inflatable mattress to alievate night sweat issues it is great no more night sweat issues. great quality trimed short the wool just right for the extra padding needed to sleep on my side as well
Quality...soft...perfect length. I like that the hair is not long but short and thick.
it did the job
When I first began Kundalini Yoga back in 1991. My teacher had a sheepskin mat. We used to bring in bath towels or a blanket (pre-yoga mat craze) to practice our Kriyas. During the late 90's up until a few days ago, I didn't use a yoga mat at all and did my Kriyas wherever I could, usually on a bare ceramic tile or a concrete floor.

I finally broke down and searched for a sheepskin yoga mat similar to what my teacher had. Then I found sheepskintown.com. The morning after it arrived I excitedly got up extra early to break it in. This sheepskin mat felt heavenly. That was the most comfortable morning Sadhana in a very long time. Afterward, I wondered why I didn't buy a mat like this a long time ago.

My only comment was having to wait 10 days but in the end, it was worth it. I'm extremely pleased.
This short-sheared yoga mat is divine. Extremely comfortable, it has allowed me to take my yoga practice to another level. Worth every penny, I am very happy with this product. Thank you, Sheepskin Town!
This yoga mat is heavenly! I purchased it for my dogs, but when I saw how nice it is I had to try it for myself. It adds a lovely cushion
The yoga mat is amazing! I use it for Kundalini yoga. It is so soft, adds the perfect amount of cushion for knees and I love the shorter length. I want to use it all day long, so I need to order a few smaller pelts for chairs. Thank you!
I bought this for my son who has cancer and he says it helps a great deal with his bedsores. Thanks for offering this at a reasonable price




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