Eucalan Sheepskin Wash Cleaner

Cleaner Size: Small (100ml)
Overall rating
8 Reviews
Excellent cleaner with a neutral odor. :)
I love this cleaner. It worked beyond expectations.
I've used other gentle cleaners and felt the quality of my sheepskin wasn't what I wanted.
This product it brought it back to being exceptionally clean and soft. Very easy to brush out.
I just received the Eucalan sheepskin wash cleaner. I am pleased that it is described as an environmentally friendly cleaning product. I own several sheepskin items -- all purchased from Sheepskin Town, of course -- so it is important to have the right cleaning product for them. The Eucalan was delivered quickly with the other items that I ordered. Thank you for your great customer service!
Worked great. My sheepskin is clean, supple, and doesn't smell.
Used as directed the product worked great. Could not believe the amount of dirt that showed up in the water. It took 5 rinse cycles in the bath tub to get to a clean water state. Only concern is that the hide is a little stiff so a softener needs to be applied.
Order the carding brush with the cleaner. We did not see the package deal when ordering.
Product was easy to use and worked wonders on my 25 year old four-skin. I followed the directions letting the skin soak and then fluff dried. The skin almost looks new!
Works well on sheepskin and is a strong cleaner with gentle results.
Awesome product for cleaning my horse saddle seat pad.
Very clean and soft. Will buy again when I run ou




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