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What is Medical Sheepskin?


Medical sheepskin is a natural product used by medical professionals and caregivers to provide relief for those suffering from ailments like bedsores, backaches, and pressure points, just to name a few. Medical sheepskin has been specially selected for its dense pile and specially tanned to produce a soft and pliable hide. The sheepskin is then shorn down to a 1-inch (or 2.54 cm) length; this is the optimal length to redistribute your body weight. This is how medical sheepskin provides relief to those suffering from bedsores.

The specialty tanning a medical sheepskin goes through also allows the sheepskin to be easy to clean. Your medical sheepskin can be machine washed. During the tanning process, the sheepskin is also Sanitized®, which prevents fiber loss and makes the pelts very bacteria resistant.

Benefits of Medical Grade Sheepskin

Evening Distributes Body Weight

Pressure points cause pain and can eventually lead to bedsores. Evenly distributing weight is essential when reducing and preventing bedsores. Bedsores form under pressure points because the pressure causes a lack of blood flow to the affected area. The dense, springy fibers of medical sheepskin evenly distribute body weight, relieving pressure and allowing easier blood flow.

Reduces Excess Moisture

Another reason bedsores develop is excess moisture caused by immobility. Medical sheepskin’s dense, hollow fibers absorb up to 33% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet. The fibers also allow airflow underneath you.

Sheepskin is Naturally Insulating

It has been said that sheepskin acts as a thermostat because it can help regulate body temperature, keeping a person warm without overheating. Sheepskin has hollow fibres, making it very breathable. This also works to reduce moisture buildup caused by sweat

Sheepskin is Good for the Skin

Natural sheepskin contains lanolin, which studies have shown can improve the health of your skin; it moisturizes the skin while protecting against the buildup of excess sweat. In addition, lanolin has self-cleaning properties when left to air out.

Medical Sheepskin can be Used in Many Different Ways

Sheepskin Town offers a variety of products to help aid you in your recovery or relief journey. For example, medical sheepskin can be used on a bed with the medical sheepskin mattress pad. Add comfort to your wheelchair with sheepskin wheelchair arm covers or seat pad. It can also be used to ease soreness caused by crutches. Sheepskin Town also has medical sheepskin that can help with injuries, like our wraps that can be used on the elbow, knee, forearm or ankle.

Medical Sheepskin is Machine Washable

All of our medical sheepskins are machine washable. Our ivory medical sheepskins can be washed at 100°F / 38°C, while our hi-temperature medical sheepskin can be washed at 176°F / 80°C. Washing the sheepskin at a higher temperature allows for a more thorough disinfection, making medical sheepskin ideal for someone with incontinence. The hi-temperature sheepskin is also resistant to staining caused by blood and urine.




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