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About Large Sheepskin Rugs

Bring any spacious room to life with our large sheephide rugs. Covering expansive surface areas, these rugs will bring luxury and comfort to the toughest areas to fill. They can work beautifully as both a canvas for the rest of your home decor, or as a stand out feature itself. You can use an extra large sheep skin rug to distinguish a space in a studio apartment. They can also add a homey, cozy feel to a space when used as an area rug in a dining room, or living room. With natural durability and sustainability, our sheep rugs compliment even the most foot trafficked spots in the house.

Many large rooms are difficult to fill and decorate without diminishing the enjoyable, quality space. Our selection of larger sheep rugs for sale can easily fill an empty-feeling room without taking away from the open area. Oversized rugs can be an excellent way to customize an open floor plan. You can keep your large areas open and flowing without an empty or unfinished appearance. With these big sheep rugs, you can define specific areas among an open loft or home while effortlessly portraying your sense of style. Meanwhile, in small, closed off rooms, these larger rugs can make a big statement without sacrificing precious space.

Our large lambskin rugs fill out a room with a healthy carpet that's soft on the skin. Lambswool is soft and cool, while being durable and warm, and has many health benefits. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from, and other sizes available. These natural shaped quatro, large sexto, and extra large octo sheepskin rugs are our largest stock sheepskin carpets. The large natural shaped lambskin rugs are made from 6 or 8 sheepskin pelts to fill the largest rooms.

We also have large rectangular sheepskin rugs that come in both 4x6 feet and 5x8 foot sizes designed by the world renowned Bowron Sheepskins Company in Australia. They are famous for their attention to detail, and high quality. These longwool lambskin carpets fit almost any decor, be it your home, office, or cottage. Buy a sheepskin rug from Sheepskin Town today.

More than Beauty

Although we pride ourselves in the elegant look and style of our sheep rugs, we also proudly note that these rugs are practical in nature. Our hides naturally retain heat and keep cool when needed. Enjoy the luxury of a warm and cozy winter with these exceptional rugs while keeping cool throughout the heat of the summer. Placing a big sheep hide rug on a large wood floor will not only protect the floor but keep your feet warm from the harshcold surface. Considering that large rugs are often placed in high traffic, frequently busy rooms, many synthetic rugs need to be constantly cleaned or even replaced. With your new sheep hide rug, you can worry less about the mess. Sheepskin in itself is a self-cleaning material and is naturally dirt and dust resistant.

Shapes and Sizes

Whether you are looking for a natural, pelt look or a clean-cutrectangular piece, we have sheep rugs for sale that will meet every preference. The largerpeltedrugs range from six to eight pelts while the larger rectangular rugs range from 4x6 feet to 5x8 feet.

The Designer Rugs

Designed by the world-renowned Bowron Sheepskin Company, our rectangular selection is truly one of a kind statement pieces. Whether you are in need of a colorful pattern to brighten up a room or a sophisticated neutral colored scheme, these sheep hides are beautifully and elegantly designed. We pride ourselves on selling only the highest quality, throughtfully designed rugs.

The Pelted Rugs

With the natural sheepskin hides in the most natural shapes, these rugs will spice up any room. Keeping the appearance slightly asymmetrical allows for a chic touch to any room or office. From solid black to an array of browns, tans, and whites, these neutral color schemes will go with virtually any interior color scheme. If you're looking for something with a pattern, take a look at our designer shearling rug collection.

If you feel like your room might be missing something, a rug might be the answer. Our rugs add a touch of class and elegance to wherever they are placed.

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