Women's Sheepskin Gloves & Shearling Mittens

Every woman needs a great pair of winter gloves, and shearling sheepskin is the ideal material for gloves or mittens. Pair sheep skin gloves with a women’s shearling hat for a chic, winter ready look. Womens shearling sheepskin gloves are amazingly warm and comfortable; they're designed with cold winter weather in mind. They’re naturally breathable, which will keep your hands warm, but not cause overheating or sweating. Our Australian and New Zealand sheepskin has incredible health benefits for skin, so your gloves can help to keep your hands moisturized and soft even in frigid conditions.

About our Women's Sheepskin Gloves

This season add a pair of our stylish women's shearling sheepskin gloves or womens shearling sheepskin mittens to your wardrobe to keep your hands toasty warm in the coldest weather. Our ladies shearling sheepskin winter gloves and mittens are premium quality. Designed for cold winter weather. Nothing beats real Australian shearling sheepskin for warmth and comfort. Its natural breathable lambs wool is perfect for keeping your hands warm but not sweaty.

Shearling sheepskin gloves and mittens are the ultimate combination of fashion and function. Shearling sheepskin ensures that your hands stay warm, dry and comfortable. They are also hypoallergenic.

Unlike some competitors we offer genuine shearling sheepskin gloves. Genuine shearling gloves are sewn with the wool facing inwards, leather facing outwards, and contain no synthetic materials. They keep your hands warm and offer many benefits that lamb leather or synthetic gloves won't.

Recent Reviews About our Women's Sheepskin Gloves

Black Sheepskin Nappa Gloves for Women Black Sheepskin Nappa Gloves for Women

Cold fingers from Virginia
August 13, 2017
"I have raynauds and struggle with finding gloves that are warm enough. Mind you I bought these in summer, but the quality is obviously very good and I think they are the most comfortable and warm I've owned. I only wish the fingers were a little longer as I am 5'10 with long, slender hands. But, this is not a new problem and overall the fit is great. I bought a large."
Black Sheepskin Nappa Gloves for Women Black Sheepskin Nappa Gloves for Women

Madeleine from Laval, Québec, Canada
March 23, 2017
"Fits beautifully. Finest quality. Met all expectations."
Brown Napa Sheepskin Gloves for Women Brown Napa Sheepskin Gloves for Women

Rich from British Columbia
March 14, 2017
"Excellent product, a little snug but not too bad."
Cognac Colored Alaska Shearling Mittens Cognac Colored Alaska Shearling Mittens

Deleffe from Mechelen Belgium
February 13, 2017
"The gloves were perfect and warm as they should be.. The measures indicated on the website made that they fitted "as a glove" :) so (almost) everything OK with this purchase. Just one remark, the "made in" label inside seemed to be melted on one side (for separation?) and this was somewhat painfull inside. I had to remove it, very carefully, not to damage the stitches."
Cognac Shearling Sheepskin Igloo Gloves Cognac Shearling Sheepskin Igloo Gloves

Kim from Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
February 7, 2017
"Really love the gloves. Nice rich color. Great warmth. Snug fit. I never leave the house without them. Great support from your costumercare."
Brown Sheepskin Suede Gloves for Women Brown Sheepskin Suede Gloves for Women

Jackie from Louisville, Ky.
February 2, 2017
"My puppy chewed up my old pair. They were nicer but these will fill the bill."

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