About our Sheepskin Pillows

What to consider when decorating with Sheepskin Pillows

Sheepskin pillows can really transform any room’s decor. They have the ability to deliver a bold statement or add softness to a cold stark room. Sheepskin throw pillows are the perfect accent; you can truly breathe life into any room by switching out or adding more sheepskin pillows. Follow our easy guideline below to decorating with sheepskin throw pillows.

Size & Shape

Pillows should be arranged from largest on the outside to smallest on the inside. This does not only makes sense look-wise, but is also important for comfort. A small pillow is okay to leave in the center of the couch, as it will still be comfortable for people sitting on the couch. Our pillows come in two sizes: small (14 x 14 inches) and large (16 x 16 inches).


It is always a safe move to go with a symmetrical pattern. This allows the room or space to look more visually balanced. When layering several fabrics on top of each other it can be easy to over-complicate a space. Going with a symmetrical pattern will help avoid a messy and muddled look; it will help keep clean lines for a polished and sophisticated home.

When adding sheepskin pillows to your home the options are endless. The sheep skin pillows are accented perfectly by a matching sheepskin throw blanket. The perfect touch to finish off a room with both a sheepskin blanket and pillow is a double sheepskin area rug. Remember these easy steps to creating a stylish and sophisticated home with sheepskin.

Recent Reviews About our Sheepskin Pillows

Double Sided Dover Grey Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion Double Sided Dover Grey Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / ...

Farmgirl from Indiana
February 28, 2018
"Great pillows; fair price and prompt delivery. I have never been disappointed with Sheepskin Town products. They always exceed my expectations!"
Midnight Black Longwool Pillow / Cushion Midnight Black Longwool Pillow / Cushion

DAC from Maryland
December 2, 2017
"Arrived quickly, packed nicely, both pillows are sumptuous- thick wool— very soft and glossy! I highly recommend! Awesome bargain!!"
Double Sided White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow Double Sided White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow

Pam from Churubusco, IN
October 29, 2017
"We bought the one sided sheepskin pillows. We had bought an oatmeal fabric couch and it looked a little too modern and not soft. The two pillows arrived earlier than expected and add a beautiful softness and lightness to the couch and room. When a soft light comes in the window they reflect the light beautifully. I would recommend the pillows to any couch that needs a softness or a little light directing the eye to it. Thank you very much for your wonderful pillows."
Sheepskin Wool Pillow Sham - 20x30 inches Sheepskin Wool Pillow Sham - 20x30 inches

George from Lincoln, Nebraska
October 24, 2017
"If anyone has ever woken to a pillow drenched in perspiration, THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU! I’m one of those people and having a mattress cover for years now I noticed that when my head and neck perspired, my body was just fine. So I reasoned that if I could just find pillow shams, maybe they would cure my discomfort.....they do and my sleep is so much better now. Thank you for making the pillow shams!"
Double Sided Brown Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion Double Sided Brown Longwool Sheepskin Pillow / Cushion

Debra from Peachland, BC
October 24, 2017
"Lovely and soft - smaller than I thought they would be - but nice:)"
Double Sided White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow Double Sided White Ivory Longwool Sheepskin Pillow

S. from Vancouver Island
March 13, 2017
"We have a large living room with a u-shaped sectional and 5-ft round cuddler chair. We quickly received our order of 3 two-sided sheepskin pillows and are so happy with them I just ordered another for the living room. My husband somehow ends up with all three when he's on the sofa. :-) I've also ordered the Tibetan lambskin pillow for my office chair. I have been looking for two-sided lambskin pillows for a while and am extremely pleased with the quality and price. I will be ordering more things from here soon."