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Smoother Hands Thanks to Sheepskin Gloves

sheepskin mittensOne of the worst parts about winter is the dry skin. I go through more lip balm and hand moisturizer than I'd like to think about. Even though I try to wear gloves and mittens as often as possible when the temperature drops, cold air seems to always seep through and it's not long before the back of my hands start resembling sandpaper. It didn't take me long before I realized what the source of the problem was. I was continually wearing cheap gloves that didn't provide enough insulation for my hands. The solution? I had to be willing to spend a bit more money on gloves that I knew would protect my hands. But spending more money also meant better quality and better quality means the gloves are going to last several seasons before any damage is done. Sheepskin gloves not only keep my hands incredibly warm, even on the most bitter cold days, but they lock in that moisture so my hands never dry out. I'm sure hand lotion companies are sad that I don't need quite as much lotion now, but my hands certainly appreciate the change. Shop at to find warm and stylish sheepskin mittens and sheepskin gloves, as well as sheepskin rugs, slippers, and more.




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